Is it just me, or do others also go through a phase where you fixate on one item and just can’t stop buying it?! One day it may be stockings, then lipstick, and now it’s nail polish.

I don’t even paint my nails that often – truth be told, it is usually because I do a shoddy paint job, resulting in them chipping within days, and then I am simply too lazy to redo them. Nor do I like sitting around waiting for them to dry feeling like I’ve just lost the use of all ten digits. I wouldn’t mind having painted nails all the time if I had an on-call manicurist. Alas, next life time maybe.

My current manicure consists of L-R: Essie “matte about you” topcoat, Topshop “Hidden Treasures”, Topshop “Zodiac”.

I saw Zodiac in stores and can’t help but liken them to Chanel Graphite, which I have been unhealthily obsessed with since it came out. Went home to google for comparison and swatches and the rest is history. Topshop Zodiac is apparently more green-toned and less opaque than Chanel graphite, but I sure as hell ain’t complaining with such a difference in price. Hidden Treasure appears to be a near perfect dupe for Peridot – shown below on the ring finger with a matte topcoat over it.

An extra picture to illustrate just now sparkly they are in direct light!