I have thought about documenting the items in my closet for a while already… but I’ve decided to splice it up by items because the entire task is just too daunting. Plus, my closet is in a perpetual mess. Anyway, I have listed some of my favourite shoes at the moment!

All my shoes are black of course, I haven’t really seen the need for anything else. But I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of nude heels as of late.

First up is this pair of Aldo wedges. I believe they are inspired by Givenchy. Shoes like these aren’t usually my style, but I just love the inward-sloping wedges that gives the shoe so much more character.

Flats are for the days when I’m carrying heavy items or will be doing lots of walking, or just when I’m feeling plain lazy. We all have days like that. The only flats I have are all boots, I just don’t fancy how most other kind of flats look. These pair in particular are from H&M. The perfect lazy day boots!

No…these are not the famous Miu Miu maryjanes, though I wish they were! They are from Forever 21. I have a pair in polka dots as well! These were sold out within days on the online store, and I am not sure if they are even in the Forever 21 stores in Singapore yet. My boyfriend drove to almost half a dozen F21 stores before he found a pair for me. Alas, they are half a size too small..so if anyone is interested, I will let them go. EUR size 36.

Stella McCartney inspired wedges by Australian brand Siren. They are so comfortable! My go-to shoes for comfort without compromising height (along with my Sonia Rykiel for H&M wedges, pictured above)

I think every woman needs a pair of pumps in her closet, they give the perfect illusion of long legs! These are the Trooper heels by YSL.

Now that you’ve seen some of my favourite shoes, what would you like to see documented next?

(Please don’t ask for bottoms….I am sorely lacking in that area! Time to remedy that)