In the previous post where I listed my current favourite shoes, I’ve received a fair bit of comments asking me to show my bags. It’s really hard to narrow the list down because there are seriously so many types of bags and my “favourite” really depends on the occasion and what I’m carrying! I am definitely more of a shoes person than a bag person, and I’ve yet to drop a couple grand on a bag yet precisely because I can’t seem to justify it somehow. Who knows, maybe that will change when I actually see a designer bag I want badly enough for me to live on bread forever.
That said, I think the basic bags everyone should get will be a clutch or a small bag for formal dinners and functions, a large weekender/tote bag for travelling or for work or school, and a medium sized shoulder/sling bag for everything else. With these three types of bags, you’ve got every situation covered I believe.

This m)phosis tote bag would fit into the “large weekender/tote bag” category. I love to carry this bag when I’m lugging my laptop around. This bag fits my 15″ macbook pro perfectly. I used to just carry the laptop around on hand but having a bag to store it has made my life so much easier.

This seems to just be an ordinary bag, but it is what was on the inside that got me completely sold.

Attached to the lining of the tote is a smaller shopping bag/ bag organizer. If I go on a shopping spree, I can simply detach this bag from the tote and put all my loots inside. I hate carrying around so many shopping bags on my arms anyway. It’s way too easily to lose one and I can also reduce the amount of plastic bags I use. Win/win situation!

This Mulberry Alexa-inspired bag fits into my “medium sized bag for everything else” category. It may look rather small, but it is actually able to fit my DSLR or my iPad comfortably. (I have not tried to carry both at the same time however, but I believe it should fit just fine). The dimensions of this bag are a perfect fit for my iPad!

My Proenza Schouler inspired bag has a pouch that fits the iPad perfectly as well. I like to use this bag more when I’m carrying my iPad around because it’s much easier for me to reach it. I have carried my DSLR and my iPad on this bag and it fits, with room to spare for your wallet or makeup kit. It is seriously that roomy.

This Alexander McQueen inspired clutch is my current favourite. It’s small and formal enough to carry to important functions, but it still packs such a lethal punch (literally) in style.

Even ChouChou likes it