September 5, 2010
Arissa Ha

I was in Zürich 2 weeks ago and decided that I’ll head to Bern again and also to Interlaken. This is what I brought along for that long train ride.

I’ll have to add that I’m not very creative at laying out the stuff in my bag.

I got myself a shiny new pen from Swarovski. The charm is pretty but it’s kind of annoying to have it knock against the pen all the time when I’m writing.

You might have also noticed a new wallet. Dawn is absolutely sick of my dollar notes being crumpled all the time, so i decided it is time for another wallet. This is the Louis Vuitton Adjustable Wallet in Damier Graphite.

Although it’s a men’s series, I love it cause it’s in black and grey.

What’s in my Bag:

  • Country Road Bag
  • iPad
  • Moleskine notebooks+Swarovski pen
  • iPhone (Ceiling cat)
  • Zürich HB Train Timetable
  • Louis Vuitton Wallet
  • Totes Umbrella
  • Kensington external backup battery for iPhone
  • Biotherm Hand cream
  • USB cable
  • Mints
  • Shiseido Aqua series foundation
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6 Responses to “What’s in my Bag: Switzerland”

  1. Kuma says:

    Heeeeeyyyy, that wallet looks familiar… I’m sure I saw it somewhere before…


  2. Amanda says:

    WOWOW i love the wallet omg… lolll never thought of getting a mens wallet…. thanks for the great idea


  3. Eva says:

    Hey, which iPad case are you using? I’ve been looking at cases recently and they’re all so ugly!


  4. renr says:

    Actually, I like how you arranged the contents of your bag; I can almost see grid lines! 😀


  5. Kelly says:

    How much did the pen from Swarovski cost you?


    Arissa replied on

    19euroes. I got it from Frankfurt


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