Let me just start off by saying that if you don’t live in Singapore right now, you are very, very fortunate indeed. Nothing spells summer in the equator like a bloody blasted heatwave. The only reason why I haven’t been blogging (besides the fact that I’m really lazy) is because the heat has drained every last ounce of energy out of me. If you happen to have a swimming pool-or better yet, an igloo-please do not hesitate to contact me with your rental cost for approximately 2 weeks.

Anyway, here are my bag essentials for this brutal summer season!

  • Compact powder: for touching up because my sebaceousglands are tireless workers, especially in this heat.
  • Bright lipsticks: Nothing screams spring/summer like a spot of colour on your lips. My favourite lipsticks this summer are: Revlon Really Red, MAC Vegas Volt, and MAC Peachstock.
  • Cuffs: This weather calls for sleeveless outfits. I like to dress my arms up with leather cuffs
  • Pen: My mum bought a pen for me in Switzerland! I think it’s nice to have a pretty pen to carry around, rather than my usual ratty pilots.
  • Sunblock: Better safe than skin cancer.
  • iPad: I hardly go anywhere without it these days. When I am waiting in line, or on public transport, I like to take it out to read on it. Even moreso these days because I have discovered how to open PDF files on iBooks!
  • Sunglasses: To protect my eyes from the sun. Also, to lend me an air of mystery which I may or may not actually posses. I love cat-eye sunglasses, that are pretty flattering for rounder faces like mine! The pair on the left are the Cryokinesis glasses by Cheap Monday. The other pair is a cheap knockoff of the Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow glasses I got off ebay.
  • Nail polish: My latest obsession (besides lipsticks). I know these are not exactly summery colours, but I always feel too overdone with bright colours on my nails. I very much prefer understated tones like nudes and golds! I love China Glaze’s Swing Baby and an nude colour by Lieole.
  • Body Mist: I wish I could wear fragrances, but most of them make me sneeze uncontrollably.However, sneezing is much preferable to stinking of sweat. This one in particular is by Victoria’s Secret.

The bag is a Miu Miu inspired piece by Charles & Keith.