Hello voyeurs, it’s time to give you a peek into what is in my bag again~!!

I got myself a new bag recently and I have to say I am undecided if I should be considered cool or not. I’m sure we all remember the photo posted on JAK&JIL with that dude holding a paper bag with a chain and drawn on Chanel logos. It was clever and witty. Well, I found myself a paper Birkin, and I’m thoroughly in love with it.

According to the shop I got it at, it’s made of “paper leather”. I’ve no idea where you can find this material but apparently, it’s perfectly fine to wash it.

I love it when people do a double take when they see the bag, it’s like “omg is that made of paper”?

And now it’s time to give you a peek into my bag.

Why yes it’s a Chouchou~!!

Did I mention Chouchou loves exploring bags? Whenever we leave a large paper/plastic bag around she’d try and play with it and occupy it. But she gets bored after a minute or so.

Back to what’s really in my bag.

What’s in my bag (from top left to right):

  • Moleskine Notebook
  • iPad
  • Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Wallet
  • Moleskine pocket notebook
  • Twin reflex camera
  • ONTO Headphones
  • Totes umbrella
  • m)phosis Bag organiser
  • Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Swarovski Pen
  • Kensington iPhone backup battery
  • mini usb wire
  • iPhone 3GS