Yes, yes.. I know we had one not too long ago, but I don’t think I am alone in loving such posts. Everyone has a certain streak of voyeurism in their nature, so here’s my bag contents for your viewing pleasure!

We might not have extreme seasonal changes in Singapore, but I find myself changing the contents of my bag to reflect the fact that autumn is creeping up upon us! The fall is definitely my favourite season – The colours are so rich and I really wish I could watch the leaves turn. I am also taking this chance to show off the new bag I’ve bought! I really wish I could afford to buy the PS1 from Proenza Schouler, but this inspired bag will do in the meantime. I love it – it’s roomy but not clumsy, and it fits an iPad perfectly.
What's in my bag

What’s in my bag: Clockwise from the top

Audio Technica headphones. I don’t always play music on it. Sometimes it just functions as a noise-cancelling device when I’m taking public transport. I hate that some earbuds “leak” sound and everyone in a 1o mile radius can hear what you are playing. Headphones keeps the sound in and out.

Makeup Pouch. I believe the pouch is a freebie from Burberry when my mum bought their perfume or something. It’s made of a sturdy, waterproof material and it keeps spillages in. I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on makeup pouches. They always end up getting dirty and stained from my makeup spilling anyway. The sturdy material prevents my makeup from getting knocked around too much.

Makeup. Just lipsticks and lipglosses and a compact powder. I keep a spare tube of eyelash glue in my bag as well as I wear false lashes often.

Nail polish top coat from seche vite. Tights are a staple in my closet during the fall, and a coat of clear nail polish prevents snags from ruining my stockings! When you see a run in your stockings, applying some clear nail polish along the edges will prevent it from laddering further.

Bobby pins. I love to wear jackets and scarves when the weather turns chilly. However, static in the collars and scarves causes my hair to tangle horribly around my neck. It’s a literally a pain to brush out and it damages your hair horribly. I very much prefer to bun my hair up to prevent this from happening. I have light brown pins to match my hair colour.

Money. I like to just dump money in my bag and forget about them. It’s a cheap thrill to find money randomly stashed in your purse months later and I love how happy it makes me.

DS Lite which I’ve stolen from my brother. (Come on, it’s red anyway.) My favourite games are Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Guilty Gear. I used to love to play Taiko but I think I’ve ruined my LR buttons.

Pens and markers. I always, always have a pen with me. To what purpose? I’m not too sure myself. It’s just really handy to have around in the event that you need to fill up forms or to jot down thoughts. Yes, I know this is the 21st century and there are electronic devices, but I just really really love to write things down. Markers are for decorating polaroids.

Wallet and iPhone. Of course. The wallet is a birthday gift from my awesome friends – I really can’t bear to change it because of the sentimental value. I stuff so many cards/receipts in there that it’s really hard to close.

Hairspray. In case of rainy days and in case of muggers.

Silence of the Lambs. One of my favourite movies/novels ever. I am a big fan of the Hannibal series.

what's in my bag

What are the staples in your bag this fall?