Snapped a quick picture of the contents of my purse before I headed out! I really do love this clutch, it is deceptively bigger than it looks.

  • Moleskine: Helps me keep my life on track.
  • Neutrogena hand cream: I’ve been having eczema on my hands lately, and I always have to carry a tube of this around to keep my hands from cracking and bleeding.
  • Train / flight tickets: I keep them sandwiched in my moleskine.
  • Wallets: I really hate mixing currency, especially if you are not completely familiar with either. Nothing is worse than sitting around trying to dig out the right coins. I always carry two separate wallets when I am travelling.
  • Lipsticks: there’s always a few tubes stashed in my bag or pocket! My face feels naked if I don’t have some colour on my lips. My favourite lipsticks at the moment are the Revlon lip butters – they are pretty cheap, and you can put them on without really needing a mirror.
  • Barely visible in the background is my Macbook Air in its envelope sleeve.