March 26, 2012
Arissa Ha

While Dawn is out yodelling at the Swiss Alps, I am getting myself settled into Brooklyn so please excuse us if we aren’t updating as much as we’d like to. If anyone has any shops or recommendations on where I should go shopping in Brooklyn, please hurl them my way too.

I remember doing this Tom Binns safety pin necklace DIY a long time ago but never really had the chance to wear it out. The photos on the tutorial post did not do this beautiful necklace justice. I mean just look at it now!

Fished out some other stuff in the bag and took pictures of them. I realised I haven’t been using my Louis Vuitton planner as much as I would like to so I bought new refills. As much as I am technologically inclined, some things are just not like good ol’ analogue. I much prefer writing down my appointments and stuff on paper than to type them into my phone calendar. Google calendars is good for sharing appointments but I think I still need a copy of my own appointments on paper.

From top left:

  • Coach Pill box
  • Tom Binns DIY Safety pin necklace [Tutorial here]
  • Louis Vuitton Planner
  • iPhone 4S
  • Muji Aluminum name card holder
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2 Responses to “[What’s in my bag] Binn there, done that”

  1. Risse says:

    Lovely photo of the necklace! Does it much better justice than the tutorial ones. It’s probably beautiful in person. I’ve been incredibly tempted to make my own version but I’ve had trouble locating a diamante necklace that’s perfect for it. :/

    And yes to writing things down! There are some things that just stick with me better if I write them down on paper.


    Arissa replied on

    Ah, we had trouble locating the right one too! Try places that sells lots of them like Chinatown, or even online.


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