While Dawn is out yodelling at the Swiss Alps, I am getting myself settled into Brooklyn so please excuse us if we aren’t updating as much as we’d like to. If anyone has any shops or recommendations on where I should go shopping in Brooklyn, please hurl them my way too.

I remember doing this Tom Binns safety pin necklace DIY a long time ago but never really had the chance to wear it out. The photos on the tutorial post did not do this beautiful necklace justice. I mean just look at it now!

Fished out some other stuff in the bag and took pictures of them. I realised I haven’t been using my Louis Vuitton planner as much as I would like to so I bought new refills. As much as I am technologically inclined, some things are just not like good ol’ analogue. I much prefer writing down my appointments and stuff on paper than to type them into my phone calendar. Google calendars is good for sharing appointments but I think I still need a copy of my own appointments on paper.

From top left:

  • Coach Pill box
  • Tom Binns DIY Safety pin necklace [Tutorial here]
  • Louis Vuitton Planner
  • iPhone 4S
  • Muji Aluminum name card holder