It’s International NANA day! What’s in my bag on this superbly momentous day you ask??

What’s in my bag:

  1. iPad : Fits perfectly into this bag. Major love!
  2. iPhones: Pural form yes, one SG number, one UK number. I call them Ceiling cat and Basement cat.
  3. Kensington backup battery and USB wire: We can all agree that the iPhone 3GS runs out of juice very very fast.
  4. Louis Vuitton Wallet: Dawn hates my wallet cos my notes are always folded.
  5. Moleskine Monthly notebook: That’s where most of the magic on is recorded and scheduled.
  6. Pen: from Muji
  7. Mini colour pencils from Marc Jacobs: COLOUR!!
  8. Books: New books I picked up while spending time in my local book store. (I need to grow myself some talent. *gloom*)
  9. Headphones: Stuck the crystals on myself. They’re fold-able and very compact.
  10. Muji Aluminium Namecard case + monoxious namecards
  11. Bag: From Country Road (because I can’t afford a Proenza Schouler PS-1)

Okay I know you guys have questions. Bombs away!!!!!

PS: You might wanna check out Dawn’s post too~!!!