A new month brings new junk. A trip to Japan has resulted in an exponential growth of handy items in my bag: I love how they make miniature version of things usually too big to carry around in your purse! Roughly from Clockwise:

  • Balenciaga City in Coquelicot. Deceptively larger than it seems and I always seem to end up carrying more than what is strictly comfortable.
  • Coach pill case. A gift from Arissa! I use it to carry my supplements around.
  • Foldable umbrella. Necessity in both London and Singapore.
  • Cape (ケープ) hairspray. It’s really my favourite as it helps my hair keep its shape without feeling crunchy or having a funky scent. This is a miniature can for touching up throughout the day.
  • Agnès B. wallet. I’m looking to buy a new wallet, but can’t decide on one yet!
  • L’Occitaine pouch containing lipsticks, lipgloss, eyelash glue, eyedrops, solid perfume, foundation, and moisturizer.
  • Oyster card and card case.
  • Keys
  • ASOS cat eye sunglasses. This is actually my second pair – I somehow lost the original whilst moving. I seem to be really good at losing sunglasses.
  • Swarovwski pen.
  • L’Occitaine EdT.
  • Sala hair perfume. Yet another miniature bottle! Perfect for when you walk past a bunch of smokers or came out of a greasy restaurant.

Barring mobile phone and your wallet, what is the one thing you can never leave without? I got to have a lipstick in my bag at all times.