Merry xmas my dears~!!! How was your xmas eve? I know ours went absolutely divine. It started off with having no plans the night before xmas eve to having an awesome blogger gathering with some of the most awesome bloggers in Singapore like ladyironchef, jayleif and dweam.

Thanks to the awesome connections Brad aka ladyironchef has with restaurant managers, we managed to secure a table for a xmas eve dinner just 8 hours before the actual dinner itself. It’s awesome to pull strings.

And everyone was dressed in black~!!! How honored can we be?!?!?!

Dinner was at a fancy Vietnamese restaurant called Nuoc, located at the 12th floor of Orchard Central. There’s a great view of the city. They’re only 3 weeks old, do give your support.

It’s amazing how bloggers who barely know one another can just get together and chat like old friends while sipping on some fabulous lychee champagne.Cards.jpg_effected
or how things just seem to fall into place even though we’re rushing. Jayden gave us these handmade cards, I haven’t received cards in awhile, let alone handmade ones.

It makes me continually amazed by the creativity and resourcefulness of bloggers, what beautiful gifts we have and what an awesome night all in a span of a few hours.


I didn’t bring my camera along, I wish I had but an arsenal of polaroids as memento for a beautiful xmas eve was just as good.
xmas polaroids.jpg_effected
Roxy burgers.jpg_effected

Midnight burgers and wine, polaroids and random singing. Such beautiful memories to carry on to the near year. Merry Xmas you guys. You were wonderful company and I look forward to having a party with all of you soon. 😀