When I’m in a hotel room, I pretend it’s my apartment so that I don’t feel like I’m so far away from home. This hotel in Zürich is absolutely lovely, I’d love for my future apartment to have similar colour schemes.

Left to right: Mulberry Alexa-inspired bag, Country Road bag, H&M Envelope bag, necklace, mesh bralette from H&M, striped tank from H&M, scarf from H&M, sheer shirts in white and black, both from H&M, leather jacket with draped collar from All Saints, Maxi dress from Topshop.

Ann Demeulemeester inspired shoes from Far East Plaza and engineer boots from H&M.

Accessories from m)phosis, Diva and Urban Outfitters.

I’ve been looking for a decent sized envelope clutch for the longest time, I finally found it in H&M. Don’t ask me why I need 3 bags for a 2 day trip.