May 1, 2010
Dawn Poh

There have been some questions on our Formspring asking about the products I use in my makeup and hair. I try to keep hair and beauty stuff away from this blog since we are focusing on fashion afterall, but it doesn’t hurt to post fun things like these once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜€ Afterall, looking good is the most important part of a get-up.

One of the features on our new layout is the “read more” button. This way, the page loads faster cause there is less images to clutter it up. So do click on it if you’d like to see the rest of this entry!

Here’s my stash and I included my routine as well, not in the listed order. (I start with face, eyes, cheeks then lips)

L-R: MAC lipsticks in Myth, Myth (unused), Blankety and Peachstock.

I am a huge, huge fan of nude lips.

L-R: Rose Salve as lip balm, Majorlica Majorca lip gloss, MAC plushglass in Fulfilled and Wildly Lush, Heavy Rotation lip concealer.

I love MAC plushglasses. The vanilla scent smells soooo delicious. The lip concealer is from a Japanese brand. If you have pigmented or unevenly coloured lips like mine, lightly pat it on to cancel out any colour before putting on lipstick or lip gloss.

L-R: Majorlica Majorca foundation, MAC concealer, Revlon liquid foundation.

Self explainatory.

L-R: Majorlica eyeshadow, KATE gel eyeliner, MAC eyeshadow in Tempting, MAC eyeshadow in Black Tied, MAC Antiquitease eyeshadow palette, Heavy Rotation liquid eyeliner, NARS eyeshadow duo in Isolde, Cordura and Alahambra.

I am a fan of browns and neutrals. I keep my eye makeup pretty simple in terms of colour. A highlighting shade all over the eyes to the brow bone, a medium tone up to the crease and a darker shade at the outer corners and near the lashline. Keep the colours in the same family, of course.

L-R: Majorlica Majorca mascaras, Tiffa glitter eyeliner, Ettusais brow mascara, Heroine make and springheart eyebrow pencils.

When having dyed hair, it’s important to make the portieres match the drapes. (matching carpets optional) Anyway, it sends me into a hissing fit when I see huge bushy black eyebrows with light, bleached hair. Nothing screams “sloppy” quite like that. So, please girls! Either use eyebrow mascaras to cover the original colour or use creme bleaches! (Both are recommended if you have really light bleached hair)

L-R: NARS Orgasm, MAC Fleur Power, NARS Super Orgasm.

I have warm, rather olive skin so peachier shades tend to suit me more.

That’s pretty much it for makeup! I hope this answers most of your questions. If you have any more queries, please feel free to comment over here or at our Formspring!

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8 Responses to “War Paint”

  1. Rachel says:

    MAC Lipstick is fantastic! I practically live in the Satin colour, ‘Brave’!


    Dawn replied on

    MAC lipsticks are really my go-to for any colour. I am in love with Peachstock!


  2. innerchild says:

    Wow, cool, we use the same products! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love my MM mascara, it’s the ultimate non-smudging mascara, almost impossible to remove haha NARS is so awesome, did you had a hard time finding it in Singapore, I read on another blog that NARS isn’t available in Singapore? Anyway, I’m lemming the MAC Tempting and Black Tied cos these were also featured in Japanese beauty magazines all the time. Thanks for this post, lovely photos!


    Dawn replied on

    MM mascaras are the only one that worked for me! It was so hard to get hold of before they came to Singapore. I find them a breeze to remove with the Biore oil makeup removal sheets. You are right, NARS isn’t available in Singapore. I could only buy it when I am overseas! And I totally bought Tempting because of how highly raved about it was in japanese magazines. ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. I love MAC too! These lipsticks are awesome, I have several shades and they never let me down.


    Dawn replied on

    Yep! Sometimes I find their formula a little drying, but they are the very best in terms of colour payoff.


  4. Zara says:

    i have never tried a mac product but i would like to buy great red lipstick for this summer maybe i will go with a mac one :)


  5. I feel a lot more people need to read this, very good info! . . . . . .


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