Getting the travel bug again.. I didn’t port all my pictures over when I switched laptops, so I only recently discovered a bunch of pictures I never got around to posting here when I accessed it recently. Europe in winter is amazing.
The sharper-eyed of readers will probably realize that this picture is part of our header image. The amazing thing is that this picture wasn’t retouched at all (saved for resizing and the watermark, if you want to be particular). Not saying that is picture is great, but I rather like how everything is silhouetted against the winter sunshine. Hyde park is a beautiful place.

Fluffy white swan. You can see that parts of the Serpentine lake are frozen. I am really amazed at how these animals don’t seem to be affected by the cold at all.

One of my favourite markets in London – Portobello Market. Yes, it’s touristy and stuff, but I really love the whimsical shops that line the lane. This one in particular stocks ridiculously adorable teapots and cups, as well as a cake stand. If I could carry it back to Singapore, I would!

And if you are ever in Portobello, I suggest giving the Hummingbird Bakery a try. The queue can get a little extreme on weekends though, but I went there during a weekday morning and I had no trouble getting a seat in this quaint little cafe. I had their Red Velvet cake and a cupcake. I do not exactly favour sweet stuff so they were a little cloying for me, but delicious nonetheless.

One of the displays over at the fashion section of Victoria & Albert museum. Most of the museums are along the same district (Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are literally right across the street), so I suggest you dedicate a day (or a few) to visit these places. I spent a full day at the V&A. There are so many things to see that I don’t think a day alone is enough. After touring the museums, you can take a stroll down to Harrods and the surrounding area to shop. There’s a great mix of stores there, from designer labels to FCUK and H&M.

I couldn’t possibly miss out Camden, could I? The All Saints store there is amazing, and so are the things in the Stables itself (which admittedly caters to our somewhat Gothic tastes) There’s also an Aldo warehouse outlet there, there are some pretty good finds there! One thing to note though, I would give Camden a miss on weekends as well. Camden station is exit only on weekends. You have to walk further down to another station to catch the tube elsewhere.

Covent Garden. I find the surrounding area much more than the market itself. There is a huge Urban Outfitters there that carries Vivienne Westwood Red Label, and Jingna swears that there is an amazing mussles restaurant around the area as well. You can also find a MAC standalone store there.

I took a bunch of pictures at Spitalfields Market and Petticoat Lane as well, but I did not have time to transfer them yet. Maybe another day.