November 21, 2012
Arissa Ha

For those of us who has been following us closely on Twitter and Facebook, you might already know about Underground Market, a fashion flea market jointly brought to you by 7 fashion bloggers from Singapore. While the rest of the fashion bloggers have already offered their sneak peeks, it’s finally monoxious’ turn!

It is happening THIS Saturday and here’s a peek at the items that I will be selling on behalf of Monoxious (unfortunately Dawn will not be joining us as she still in London).

I am also offering a VERY VERY limited number of this transparent lunch bag for sale. I modelled it after the Jil Sander paper lunch bag except this one is made with vinyl. It is made by Monoxious and features our very own name branded on the bag.

Now remember that the Underground Market Flea is THIS SATURDAY (24th November 2012) from 12pm to 7pm!

RSVP your interest at our Facebook event page now!

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3 Responses to “Underground Market Flea: Sneak preview!”

  1. LadyLUX says:

    very cool!


  2. Di says:

    It’d be so awesome if you guys opened up an online shop. I’d totally get the transparent lunch bag đŸ˜®


  3. Wengie says:

    online shop please


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