January 17, 2010
Dawn Poh

Since when must fashion be practical? The below pieces are far from practical, but the mirror detailings encapsulates the fusion between fashion and art perfectly.

Mirror blazers from Anthony Vaccarello

Mirror boots and heels from Giuseppe Zanotti

Mirror wedges by Carin Wester

When I first saw those specially made for runway Carin Wester boots, my first instinct was to purchase the plain version (easy), and stick on the mirror pieces myself (hard). But it would also mean that I would have to stop procrastinating (impossible).

While I think the broken mirrors add a deconstructed edge to the Carin Westers, a friend however argued that they look as if they have cracked under the weight of the wearer. What are your thoughts?

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5 Responses to “Trend Report: Mirror Image”

  1. I think what I love most, is not the mirror, but the shatter. The mirror makes it like crystals or icicles. But it’s that shard-like shattered effect I adore. xo


    lucinda replied on

    I love the contrast of the shattered mirror with the soft leather on the Carin Wester boots.


  2. julia says:

    I love Anthony Vaccarello !!


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  4. lucinda says:

    If you’re still keen to try creating a mirrored effect yourself, you should see my current post using chopped up CDs! x


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