This is going to be a rather image intensive post, so apologies in advance if I slowed down your browser or something. I went really trigger happy on my trip to Paris with Arissa, and here are some of the places we visited!

We went to Restaurant Chartier on a friend’s recommendation, and I do believe this is by far one of the best meals I’ve ever had. If you are heading to Paris, I strongly recommend this to you as well. It combines three things that I love – amazing food, great value and an easy ambience.

01 47 70 86 29

While walking to the tuileries, we saw a busker playing with bubbles. We must have been suffering from severe childhood regression or something, for we stayed there and watched for close to a quarter of an hour. I swear that seeing children all swaddled up in their winter coats induces a raging maternal instinct in me I never knew I had. I know, I’m creepy. Sorry.

Pont des Arts – secure a padlock here to tie yourself to your loved one forever. There’s something awfully cliché and romantic about it at the same time. I’m probably just bitter at all the happy couples.