March 15, 2011
Arissa Ha

This post was scheduled days before disaster struck in Japan. We thought about simply deleting this post… But we are leaving it here as a bitter-sweet reminder to ourselves of what a beautiful country Japan was, and will always be. The kindness and the silent resilience the Japanese have shown in these times of adversity makes the country, if not the world, a more beautiful place.

It is easy for everyone not directly affected to ignore that this is happening and go on with their lives, but it will be great if we could all think of not only ourselves for even a day. All we ask is that we do not forsake them in their time of need and do whatever we can to help them recover from this disaster.

Right now, we are praying hard that the nuclear reactors remain stable and that the missing will be found unharmed. We are hoping for the best for anyone who have friends or family they have not heard from yet.

Here is what Harajuku looks like now

It is really touching to read what some have to say on this site

“It’s pitch dark but we’ve never seen so many beautiful stars. Look up, Sendai! -conversation at the quake site.”

“Last night when I was tired out waiting for the train at the station, the homeless people gave me one of their cardboards to prevent the cold… even though we usually ignore them in daily life… So warm.”


You can now donate to American Red Cross through iTunes

Donate directly to Red Cross Japan

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3 Responses to “Travelogue: Tokyo Harajuku”

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  2. I love Tokyo and Japan as it is a beautiful place. Harajuku certainly looks a lot different without all the lights and glitz, but is still a fantastic place.


  3. Cristina says:

    Next holiday destination -> Tokyo!


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