April 12, 2011
Arissa Ha

I took a break from work and decided that I should have a beach holiday in Phuket. It’s beautiful, relaxing and best of all, cheap.

My hotel lobby, Avantika Boutique Hotel was just lovely. It overlooks the beach, it’s along Patong Beach but not too near that it’s too noisy. Best of all, FREE WIFI.

A Pina Colada costs me an average of 100baht. Which is like US$3. It’s cheap in Singaporean context cause alcohol is so expensive here.

Sunblock which was put on a little too late. I had the sunburn of my life. I’m pretty sure the effects are permanent now. (T___T) I never knew sunburn could make the skin swell.

And if anyone’s interested, the bikini’s from Victoria Secret.

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3 Responses to “Travelogue: Phuket, Paradise’s Kiss”

  1. Euforilla says:

    I like the hair!!!
    And what a fantastic place *_*

    I wanted to tell you I’ve awarded your blog (both of you đŸ˜‰ ), will you check it out?


  2. Ellen says:

    Lol, you must be rich if you think Phuket is cheap!


    Arissa replied on

    It’s cheap. It only takes me 1.5hrs to get there compared to Americans and Europeans who have to travel 20hours to get there. The budget airlines offer a very good deal here.


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