Harsh winter days are spent burrowing myself in the sheets with the laptop to keep the tummy warm. There was also a revelation that radiators are good surfaces for taking photos as illustrated by the Gareth Pugh x MAC post.

Besides makeup, I ended up taking photos of the shoes I brought along for the trip and some photos of bags, jackets and accessories.

Seems like the shoes were arranged in order of comfort. I kid, the dsquared reps are actually more comfortable than the Theyskens Theory reps.

My buttery soft lambskin bag is one of the lightest bags I own, it’s useful cause I tend to bring too much stuff out and despite that, it won’t give me much of a shoulder ache. I’ve had bags that are heavy on its own and I tend not to bring them out too often.

A clear favorite, my Datya leather jacket from All Saints. Kept me warm for a few winters now.

This H&M jacket is also one of my favorite to wear. It’s so smart-looking and I’m glad I got Dawn to buy it for me in London.

Pretty glad it was a productive day despite choosing to stay in.