Part I can be found here

Happy 2011 everyone! This marks the first post on the blog for the year…Pretty mundane I must say. But maybe I’ll make a ‘Best of 2011’ post soon. But for now, here’s Part II of the picture spam.

Spitalfields Market. I really love this place. Good food, great stalls and really friendly people. I don’t think this market is nearly as popular as Portobello so there are considerably less tourist traps here. The market is split up into two parts, the antiques section, and the craft section. The antiques section is filled with so many quirky things that I wish I could bring home. This little fellow surprised me 😀

The crafts section wasn’t bad as well. There were lots of handmade goodies, from baby boots to avant garde capes. I wish Singapore had something like that where artists can showcase and sell their creations.

Deer feet cutleries. Probably not dishwasher safe. Maybe some time ago, in some household, a family had a cabinet full of taxidermy cutleries.

Paris. I did not spend much time there, and Valentine’s Day in Paris was not nearly as romantic as it sounds. I should really visit Paris again in the spring or summer, it is a rather dreary place in the winter.

Can’t fault the architecture though, I don’t think anything I have seen or read prepared me for that. They are truly breathtaking in person. This is the Louvre from the car.

A little town in south western Germany. While I do love the busy city life, a little respite in a small german village was really welcome. It does feel odd that the nearest mart was a 30 minute drive away though, I’m too used to the city for my own good. I really do agree with German food, though! It is embarrassing to say how much weight I gained on this trip.

I think I don’t take enough pictures when I am overseas. It is a chore to pull out a dslr from your bag every time, and it is not viable to have it out all the time. Unless you want to be a target for muggers and pickpocketers, in which case I recommend flashing neon signs to complete your outfit. That said, if you want to know where to shop in these places, do ask us! Trust me, we spent a great deal of time researching that.