July 25, 2012
Dawn Poh

Instagram is really like the fast food of travel photography. It is convenient, quick, and satisfying. It is by no means an adequate replacement for photos of course, but the little bites are easy to handle when you are on the go, not unlike a convenience store onigiri.

I got my iPhone literally hours before I was scheduled to leave for Japan – I think this haste is partially attributed to the beautiful photos Arissa took with hers whilst in Italy . And let’s be honest –  after being a BB user for over 2 years, I was ready to trash that brick.

Spent a week travelling around Hokkaido, Japan. While I love the tranquility of mountains and vast fields of the countryside, I found myself wishing for some of the big city bustle after a couple of days. Sapporo was a welcomed break with its busy nightlife and shopping!

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5 Responses to “Travelgram: Hokkaido, Japan.”

  1. Josh Rowell says:

    Wow it looks so nice there, I’m definitely going to go there one day!!



  2. Elisa says:

    lovely pictures!!


  3. Lenne says:

    Your photos look way too good to be just phone peektures!!!


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  5. A says:

    any travelgram on Singapore?x


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