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May 7, 2014
Dawn Poh


I’ve always loved the structure and silhouette of Haider Ackermann’s garments. I was not convinced about how great it would look on a regular person cause everything looks good on a model and this skepticism was lingering when I picked up this Haider Ackermann vest at the Club 21 sale last year.  It was the only black one left and I was half-hearted about this purchase as there were no mirrors around but thank goodness Venetia insisted that I buy it.



I’m also in love with the Nichole harness from Mandy Wu. The best bit about her harnesses is that you can layer them together to make them look better. I guess this means I have to start a mini collection of harnesses from her now.


Vest/ Haider Ackermann • Dress/ Topshop  •  Shoes /Alexander Wang • Nichole Harness/Mandy Wu  • Hair/Hairloom •

Photos by Leona

April 14, 2014
Dawn Poh

It was a Saturday that I had to work but no complains since it was a pretty productive day with Leona and we scored some sweet accessories from Mandy Wu (more on that in another post). Haji Lane was swarmed with hipsters and street photographers people with DSLRs as usual, I hate to say this but I was part of the population lugging a huge camera around, taking pictures of my coffee.



This chain mail necklace reminds me of an abandoned DIY project. Chain mail accessories are tough to make and I wonder if I’ll ever get around to finishing that DIY project.


Cropped Top/ ASOS • Skirt/ All Saints  •  Shoes /Ann Demeulemeester • Chainmail Necklace/Topshop  • Hair/Hairloom •

Photos by Leona

July 16, 2013
Dawn Poh

monoxious visible invisible 1

Looking back at these pictures makes me wanna go back to the Maldives again. The clear blue water and cerulean skies make for the best pictures!monoxious visible invisible 2

I have been looking for this Feist Heist Yulia top for the longest time but posting a “WTB” on their Formspring paid off and someone was willing to give hers up. I’m so glad the transaction went through so quick that I was able to get it in time to bring it to the Maldives. monoxious visible invisible 3

Meh. It was too bright to keep my eyes open. monoxious visible invisible 4

I also managed to get a pair of really comfortable platform sandals to bring along for the trip. Again, I’m wearing the Zara origami skorts. You will definitely be seeing these more often cause I’ll be wearing them to death. monoxious visible invisible 5 monoxious visible invisible 6

Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Feist Heist Yulia Top
  • Zara Skorts
  • Sandals from Taobao

At risk of sounding like a broken record, I will be selling some clothes from my wardrobe along with some of the other fashion bloggers at the Underground Market Flea. Check out our Facebook Page for more information. Don’t forget to RSVP at our events page!

July 2, 2013
Dawn Poh

monoxious Colour me black 1

It’s been many days since my last post but I assure you that I am still alive! It just seems much easier to be micro-blogging and if you’re interested in stalking me finding out more about our daily lives, check out our Instagram pages (@minicloud and @propatriamori).

monoxious Colour me black 2

Speaking of Dawn, I badgered her into giving me this cropped top from ASOS cause they were out of my size and I convinced her that she can’t really wear it in London anyway (their definition of “heat wave” is like 27°C or something). Cropped tops are fast becoming my wardrobe staple in this hot weather.

monoxious Colour me black 4

Roman sandals are making a comeback with these Alexander Wang inspired heels. They’re not the most comfortable shoes but damn, they’re pretty. I am also wearing these Zara skorts that have been featured to death by every fashion blogger and their moms. They’re comfortable and goes with the rest of my wardrobe so sue me for being mainstream.


monoxious Colour me black 3

Here’s also a last look at my peacock hair. As you can probably tell in this picture, all the bleaching has taken a toll on my ends and it is time to say goodbye to coloured hair.

monoxious Colour me black 5

Peter from Hairloom knows that I need a little colour in my hair so he added some blue on the inside. monoxious Colour me black 6

Although I miss my fancy hair, the black + blue combo is a welcomed change. My hair can be left to fallow before I do anything extreme to it again. My hair certainly looks much healthier and shinier after darkening it. monoxious Colour me black 7

monoxious Colour me black 8

My bangs got lopped off a little and my boyfriend commented that I look a little like that parkor girl from “Mirror’s edge). For the month of July, Hairloom is having a 20% discount off haircuts from their leading stylists and stylists! Check out their Facebook page or call  6295 2088to make an appointment!

April 3, 2013
Dawn Poh

urban decay

I don’t think ‘shame’ suffices to describe how I feel upon discovering Leake St. a couple weeks back – it lies literally across the road from my apartment and I have been living here for nearly a whole year. It’s a disused road/tunnel that has since been transformed into an authorised graffiti area, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is a constantly changing landscape: there is always someone spraying and painting, and a piece never stays on the wall for longer than a week before it’s covered over by something new. I do think it’s worth a visit if you are in London, especially with it being a 1 minute walk away from Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

Plus this tunnel leads to an awesome Thai eatery so that gets it an A+ in my books.

urban decay 3

Wearing NARS semi-matte lipstick in Transeurope Express – it’s a very flattering deep rose in real life, and the pictures make it slightly more saturated than they really are!

urban decay 2

urban decay 4

  • Topshop leather jacket
  • H&M jumper
  • Gucci maxi skirt
  • Neon pink 14″ Cambridge satchel
  • McQ by Alexander McQueen boots
  • Necklace from Taobao

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