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May 23, 2010
Dawn Poh

Greetings patient ones~!! I know we’ve been neglecting the DIY section although we KNOW everyone enjoys it. We just couldn’t really find the time to make a decent post cause we had stuff to do. *shifty eyes* BUT FEAR NOT~!! We have an awesome DIY for you to do this weekend~!

We’ll teach you how to make your own Ann Demeulemeester zipper headdress, and an accurate one at that down to the number of zippers and darts because we are -that- anal.

This DIY is a little more high-level than the rest that we have done so please read through every single line of instructions carefullly. I’m also assuming that people who attempt this have a basic knowledge of sewing (ie sewing darts and bias tape).

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March 9, 2010
Dawn Poh

It’s been so long since I’ve posted an outfit post. I’m so sorry for my absence.

After seeing all the runway pictures these few weeks, I’ve been very inspired by runway looks and after getting my hands on a pair thigh highs that looks suspiciously like the ones from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 collection, I’ve decided to put together a runway inspired look from that collection.

We picked out several details from the runway collection. Basically, the look is girly and sweet with a loose updo and flower headpieces. Makeup is light, fresh and at a bare minimum. The shoes and patterned stockings are important highlights of the look.

Added a flowery necklace to make it more girly.

Braided my hair up and added some corsages too.

The stockings are pretty fragile with similar criss-cross patterns, I’m afraid of snagging them though. The clogs are from a Japanese shoe brand called Esperanza.

Black outfit Breakdown:

  • Dress: Some shop in Dong Dae Mun, Seoul.
  • Corsage: Claire’s
  • Necklace: Diva
  • Stockings: Leg Avenue bought from Camden, London
  • Shoes: Esperanza (here’s the link )

What do you guys think of runway inspired looks? Would you like to see more of it?

January 11, 2010
Dawn Poh

You know I have to admit I’ve never paid much attention to Australian designers since all the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere but with the recent surfing of many awesome Australian Fashion blogs like foxyman, leblogdesushi and seaofghosts I seem to be better educated in that part of the world now.

Today we feature Claude Maus, an Australian label from Melbourne that was established in 1999. Claude Maus designer, Rob Mianiscalco is a multi-discipline designer that later went on to clinch the L’Oreal Designer of the Year in both Men’s and Women’s categories in 2003.
His Spring/Summer 2010 collection features soft flowy fabrics with accents of gothic romanticism. We’re definitely all over maxi lengths like we’re seen from the S/S 2010 collections in New York Fashion Week.

What I really love is the layering options in this collection and the irregular hemlines. The contrast of sheer over opaque thrown in with mixed textures is a perfect medley of orderly chaos.

I think for Spring/Summer 2010, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of skinnies, leather jackets, maxi dresses and something sheer and versatile to throw over everything and of course a pair of awesome heels. I am soooo keeping my Ann Demeulemeester silk chiffon vests.

Claude Maus is available at FAT stores in Melbourne (Melbourne GPO) and Sydney.

Their main store is  at 19 Manchester Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

You can also visit their websites at http://www.claudemaus.com/

November 11, 2009
Dawn Poh

It’s no secret.

I profess my love for Complex Geometries I would love to own every single piece in black…. okay, in white and grey as well.

Here we have the Complex Geometries Spring / Summer 2010 collection photographed by Tommy of JAK&JILL.


I can’t exactly say that I love every look as much as I did for the A/W collection for 2009 it’s not just because of the choice of colours i swear. There isn’t much layering options cause it IS a collection for Spring and Summer and it all looks pretty meh on it’s own. However, what I do love is the incorporation of sheer fabric into the usual loose drapey silhouette.


Another thing I do like is the ruched up sheer leggings. They do give an interesting texture and I think I might have to try my hands at making one with really soft tulle someday.


Much as I do love Tommy for his work on JAK&JIL, I don’t think this lookbook fully displays the potential of Complex Geometries clothings.
I love Complex Geometries’ clothes for it’s ability to transform into something else, to be able to wear it in more ways than one and it’s a lot of thought and design process involved into it.


And I don’t see any reason to include more than one figure wearing the same outfit unless it is to portray it being worn in a different way. I don’t need 5 figures of the same model in the same pose wearing the same clothes. /rant


Overall, picking a high profile photographer amongst the fashion bloggers could be a double-edged sword. I will still love Complex Geometries for who they are but this Spring/Summer lookbook looks haphazardly done. I think the White Tshirt Project was so much better in comparison.

So what do you think? love it or hate it?

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