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June 4, 2014
Dawn Poh

Still not over my All Saints Hoxton Monument Jacket. (They call it a “coat” online, but the material is way too thin for anything chillier than a spring breeze). I can wear a potato sack underneath, button the jacket up (as can be seen here), and instantly look presentable for a michelin star restaurant date. Not that I have michelin star restaurant dates or potato sacks, but a girl can dream.

black and gold 2

black and gold

black and gold 3

Got two sets of these stacking rings at a Mango sale earlier. I have never actually paid much attention to Mango before, but I was actually pretty impressed by their accessories selection! I felt that they went well with my simple gold choker from H&M, but I think I’m one of those people who don’t actually mind mixing metals – a whole armful of gold bracelets and rings would seem too much of an overkill for me!

black and gold 4

Jacket /All Saints • Dress /& Other Stories • Shoes /Taobao  • Choker /H&M • Rings /Mango

What are your thoughts on mixing silver and gold jewelry?

May 2, 2014
Dawn Poh

I just handed in my dissertation!!! Now comes the question of what do I do with life now that school is over, but I am going to leave that thought until next week. For now, it’s just mindless relaxation after the mad rush that was submissions! Wearing my new All Saints Manu leather jacket out into the beautiful spring weather. When the sun comes out in London, productivity decreases about ten fold… battersea mnx 3 battersea mnx battersea mnx 2

I don’t usually wear circle lenses, but I was tempted after seeing how nice they look like on other people! Unfortunately it just makes me look like a lizard

battersea mnx 4

Jacket / All Saints • Top/ Topshop  •  Shoes / Zara • Skirt / Ted Baker
September 9, 2013
Dawn Poh

HEY HEY! So I’m back in Singapore! It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away from home – once I plonk my ass on the couch in front of the TV, it’s really as if I’ve never left. It has been an interesting summer. I visited two places I’ve never been to before (Berlin & Göteborg), but unfortunately no pictures until I manage to extricate them from my now-defunct hard drive.

I packed surprisingly lean for this trip. Half of my suitcase was filled with things for friends and family and the other half with T-shirts and sweat shorts. There’s even a pair of trainers (!!!) which I ambitiously thought I’d put to use somehow. Seeing my pot belly below though, maybe I should really go out for a run or two.




Manage to get this dress from Topshop on sale. I absolutely abhor sale shopping. It’s not that I’m too snooty to score a discount. It’s just that whenever there is a “sale” sign anywhere in the shop, it seems to bring out the animalistic instinct in shoppers. Everyone assumes that they have free reign to throw whatever they want on the ground and rearrange whole sections entirely. I think I would have an easier time sorting through the belongings of a hoarder, than to find anything I want during a sale. Sale shopping is like a timed challenge to me: how many items can I find that I like before my patience and my sanity begin to frizzle?


My eyeliner even matched my bag that day – I had a pink eyeliner (maybelline hyper glossy liner in hot pink) on over my usual liner.



Dress / Topshop

Satchel / Cambridge Satchel

Shoes / Taobao
June 10, 2013
Dawn Poh

After what is possibly the lengthiest winter in the history of recent memory, good weather has finally decided to grace us. I think I am getting too accustomed to the climate here though – it’s only 19℃ here and I am already sweating like Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit in July. May lord God and also Jesus save my soul when the height of summer actually arrives. I think I will be surviving on a steady diet of soda and ice cream.

I have noticed that I talk about the weather practically in every post. I can’t decide if I am turning British, or if the weather is truly the most interesting aspect of my appallingly boring life. Now that school’s out, all my days are spent watching marathons of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

where the wild things are 4

where the wild things are 3

where the wild things are 2

where the wild things are


  • All Saints Indra trench coat
  • American Apparel tank dress
  • H&M shapewear
  • Zara studded flats
  • Alexander Wang inspired leopard clutch (from Taobao)
August 29, 2012
Dawn Poh

It’s always lovely when the weather decides to cooperate for once! I bought this Zara dress when I was still in London, but didn’t have a chance to wear it till recently. I should have worn it sooner because I can hardly squeeze into it now that I’ve gained so much weight from Singaporean food.

I love the lace details on the back! Unfortunately it makes choosing the right underwear a nightmare.

Outfit breakdown

  • Dress: Zara TRF
  • Necklace: m)phosis
  • Beret: Murua, Japan.
  • Bag: taobao
  • Shoes: taobao

Venetia came over and bummed around with us that day. It was an awesome coincidence that she brought her Givenchy-inspired hat along! It’s ridiculous how polished she looks next to me.

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