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August 13, 2014
Dawn Poh

if I had a heart 4
if I had a heart
if I had a heart 3
If I had a heart 5
if I had a heart 2

Jacket /All Saints • Dress /DressHead • Skirt /ASOS • Shoes /Aldo

The only good thing about moving is that you discover items you don’t remember buying in the dark recesses of your closet. It’s like finding loose change in your purse only on a much larger scale. Having to move constantly also really keeps my shopping in check, I’d like to think – you never realise just how much junk you have until you have to move them all. I honestly don’t know how I have managed to accumulate so much stuff in three years. Every time I move, I feel the compulsion to give my wardrobe a huge purge…but I never get around to doing it, of course. Is anybody else’s closet just full of clothes you have forgotten about and never wear?

July 21, 2014
Dawn Poh

Breaking the monotony of outfit posts to bring you something a little more personal. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m officially a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)! It’s a rather depressing thought, but let’s ignore that for now and focus on the graduation ceremony! Being only 23 and leading a relatively uneventful life, I must say that this is my biggest moment yet – I bought the dress 2 months in advance only to have it go on 50% off a week before the ceremony. Typical!

My ceremony begins at 1000 as well, meaning that I got up at half six to get ready. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I am not. Somehow managed to survive the incredibly hot tube journey and reached school with plenty of time to spare for once.

It honestly did not seem that long ago that I announced on Monoxious that I was leaving Singapore for school. And now that it’s finished, I am once again left without clear directions as to how life may go from now on. This uncertainty is stressful and I have not been coping with it too well, but it is part and parcel of growing up. It is comfortable having someone pave the way for you, but eventually you must learn to forge your own path…anyway, I am just incredibly glad to end my university years on a high note, with a first class honours and a Linguistics dissertation prize. I felt like I have finally accomplished something in life even if it isn’t much!

Major thanks to J who took a day off to be my personal paparazzi.


I wanted my skin to look glowy and flawless that day, so I reached for my SK-II foundation! Despite all the other foundations I have tried (and prefer wearing on a daily basis), SKI-II Cellumination seriously delivers an unbeatable coverage and glow. Graduation makeup should be kept classic (or natural, but natural makeup is not my forte), and I opted for the timeless combination of eyeliner and red lips.

Z35B0042 Z35B0087 Z35B0078 Z35B0266

Dress /Karen Millen • Shoes /Camilla Skovgaard

What’s your biggest moment in life?

July 17, 2014
Dawn Poh

How has July been treating everyone? It has been a pretty exciting month for me so far, with a week long summer holiday (where I got plenty tanned) and the confirmation of my final results. I was elated to find out that I have been awarded a First Class Honours – it feels great to know that my three years of study have finally cumulated into something tangible! Graduation’s this week so hopefully I will have plenty of pictures to document the biggest moment of my life, yet. 😀

These series of pictures were taken when I was with Arissa in Paris. Her presence reminded me of the dynamics we share, and just how hard it is to actually find someone you can get along so well with… Although we have not seen each other in almost a year, it felt like we picked up right where we left off. It can be awfully hard to maintain friendships over distance, but I am so glad she stuck with me through my (frequent) periods of absence. She’s seriously as solid as a rock.

Anyway, enough about life in general! Here is a series of pictures we took in Jardin Luxembourg. The boiling hot weather now has got me wishing for cooler temperatures again!

jardin luxembourg 4

jardin luxembourg

jardin luxembourg 2

jardin luxembourg 5jardin luxembourg 3

Jacket /Zara • Blouse /Theyskens Theory • Skirt /American Apparel • Shoes /m)phosis

Since I feel bad just talking about myself on here so much, tell me about the good things in your life too!

June 12, 2014
Dawn Poh

Remember when I said that I will never embark on an impromptu trip again? I don’t know what makes me think that I am qualified to dish out advice when I don’t even follow my own guidance. A frenzied search for tickets and a mad dash towards the airport later (ticketing machine at the train station refused to recognise my card – I had to badger a poor, unsuspecting stranger into helping me purchase it), we were on our way towards Göteborg, Sweden.

While summer usually evokes the idea of romantic strolls along the French Rivera or cocktails by the Mediterranean sea, I have never been a beach-and-bikini sort of person. Seaside towns and beaches have just always came off as odiously commercialised to me, having spent several vacations in Thailand, Bali, and Australia. Away from the throngs of tourists and vendors usually found in the former locations however, the isolated, raw, rocky coastline of Hönö in norra skärgården was a welcomed relief. It was still too early in the season and the water was too frigid to even really dip your feet in, but there was just something incredibly serene about being alone (with the exception of the occasional asshole seagulls that deigned to screech your way) in unspoiled nature.

It wasn’t easy to get there – had I not have a local driver (thanks, J.!), I probably would never had made my way out there myself. You have to first drive to the port (about 20 minutes from the city centre itself), and board the ferry towards the island. It is entirely possible to undertake the whole journey by public transport, but I honestly wouldn’t have the patience nor the dedication to visit the archipelago without the convenience of a car.

white houses 1

white houses 2 mnx copy

white houses 2 mnx

Top /Zara • Skirt /Ted Baker • Shoes /Zara

white houses 3 mnx

white houses 4 mnx

The water here was so clear that I seriously had no reservations about drinking from it. You could even see the shrimps darting amongst the seaweed, and catch jellyfishes barehanded (all except two are harmless)!

white houses 5

What are your plans this summer holiday? x


May 23, 2014
Dawn Poh

It was a bank holiday weekend a while back, and there is no better way to celebrate the completion of my dissertation than to have a small getaway! This was very much a last minute decision – and I mean it in all sense of the word. We decided on a location at 10am, and by 2pm we were at the station ready to board the train. While there is a certain romance in impromptu trips, I am not sure if I am ready to embark on another journey on such short notice again. There were much angst to be had when we tried to secure accommodations through Airbnb on whatever spotty signal we could get in the English countryside: it was only after repeated rejections (due to the last minute nature of the booking) that we finally managed to find someone that would relent to leasing out a room to us.

We arrived at Waverly station after a good 5 hours on the train. I honestly don’t mind long train rides, as long as there are comfortable seats and electrical outlets (and the absence of annoying passengers). The first night was rather uneventful, with a short walk along the Leith before heading to Chez Pierre for dinner – pictures are in absentia so you will just have to take my word that I gorged myself on a fat lobster that night! My boyfriend was recovering from food poisoning that weekend and couldn’t keep much down, but I am horrendously lacking in sympathy when food is involved.

Majority of the second day was devoted to a visit to a Whiskey distillery. There were strict rules against picture taking, but I think it is well worth the 30-mins bus ride out of Edinburgh for a short tour. Second half of the day went towards climbing Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood park, a rather ambitious undertaking considering our boozy breakfast. I’m not going to lie and say that it was an effortless climb – it took us the better part of two hours to walk up the 251 metres. The resulting view makes the strenuous journey worth it, though. (It is a little hard to see in this resolution, but the tiny specks on the upper edge of the cliff are fellow hikers).

edinburgh 1

Edinburgh castle sits upon a hill in the distance.

edinburgh 2

I am a firm believer of dressing appropriately for the occasion… When a wedding invite states the dress code as Black Tie Optional, it would be vastly inappropriate to show up in jeans and t-shirt; similarly, it would be equally ridiculous to wear heels to go on a hike. It’s always a constant struggle of mine to find outfits that are both functional and chic.

edinburgh 3

Jacket/ Fjällräven • Jeans/ Acne  •  Boots /Hunter • Jumper /Primark  


edinburgh 4

Sorry for marring the landscape. And don’t let the road in the previous picture fool you… the only way up to the top is via rudimentary natural trails carved out by years of use. There are places where you need to get on your hands and feet to climb. Passed by this ruin on the way back to town as well – I simply love how well history has been preserved in Edinburgh.

edinburgh 5

On the recommendation of many locals, we headed to the gastropub The Dogs on our way back. Difficult to secure a reservation on most days, and straight out impossible on weekends. Fortunately they had a cancellation and we managed to snag a spot after heading home and cleaning up. The Dogs is so kitschy it’s amazing. Dog-themed decorations just…everywhere. Unfortunately pictures of the food turned out looking less appetising than they actually were, so I am not doing to do them the disservice of putting it up. Pigeon breasts (pink in the middle!) for starters, with braised ox cheeks in chocolate sauce for him, and rabbit brandy casserole for me. Unless they invent satisfactory meat substitutes, I will never have the willpower to commit to being a vegetarian…

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