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February 6, 2013
Dawn Poh

Breakfast in bed is definitely one of the more decadent ways to start the day…should extend it to include lunch and dinner in bed as well. Which I might have done more times than I probably ought to.


The skull buttons on this Zara shirt matches the McQueen bracelet almost exactly – no one would notice this detail in real life, but I derive the same satisfaction from it as when things fit into your drawers perfectly. All of you must know what I am talking about.

breakfast 2

breakfast 3

Can’t decide between chocolate torte and rhubarb tart? Have both.

breakfast 4

  • Zara┬ámilitary overshirt
  • American Apparel riding skirt
  • Accessories: McQ, MiuMiu, Alexander McQueen
April 15, 2011
Dawn Poh

How long has it been since our last DIY? *checks* HOLY S**T.

Guess we haven’t been very productive, I remembered how some people told us they enjoyed reading it. Sorry. (._.)

This time we have a simple DIY to do, it’s a collar with chains that acts as a necklace. I honestly don’t know what else to call it but I guess you get the drift.

We’ve got the collared choker thingama from Miu Miu a few seasons back and that proved to be quite a hit and I guess giving our own twist on this thing might make it a little more interesting to wear.

For this we would need several items:

  • Old shirt (or a new one which doesn’t fit your boyfriend’s ugly shirt. We used a cheap shirt we got from Primark London.)
  • Chains
  • Pliers
  • Unpicker
  • Needle and thread

First, use the unpicker to unpick the stitch line which holds the collar stand to the shirt.

Once it is completely detached, re-sew that line to keep the edges tucked in and neat.

Optional: Try it on your cat for size. but srsly no, or it will do this:

See what I mean?

We’ve attached the chains to a separate holder(?) instead of sewing it all directly onto the collar, it makes everything neater. You can make it as understated or as dramatic as you like. We’ve decided to go over the top and added waterfall chains to the collar.

Attach the other side and voila! your very own waterfall chain collar necklace.

It’s certain to jazz up your outfit. It’s something that can definitely be done over the weekend.

Also, let us know if you have any DIY requests! We’re always looking for DIY ideas. ­čśÇ

November 16, 2010
Dawn Poh

I call this my sailor dress. I know there are no nautical themes on it but it just reminds me of a sailor’s outfit somehow! Pairing it with my boater hat makes the perfect picnic outfit!

This is how I usually do my hair as of late. French braids on the side and the rest of the hair in a low bun. Fuss free and takes about 5 mins.

I know I’m usually in black outfits…but black works equally well as an accent too. I’m venturing into neutrals but I doubt I’ll be wearing neon anytime soon.

Forever 21 Mary Janes. Looks perfect in pictures but so very difficult to walk in. The incline is so high I feel about to tip forward whenever I walk in them!

Speaking of sailor dresses…I wish I could get my hands on the one Blair wore in Gossip Girl!!

  • Boater hat: Far East Plaza
  • Corsage: Claire’s
  • Dress: DressHead
  • Camisole (worn inside): H&M
  • Shoes: Forever 21
December 14, 2009
Dawn Poh

I don’t know about you, but I love it when fashion completely turns everyone’s expectations over and, in the words of Tim Gunn, “make it work”.

I am sure that every girl have been warned at any given point in their lives to never wear open-toed sandals with stockings. It was an image permeated by unfortunate matrons and clueless office ladies, and there are hardly any greater faux pas than that. On the runways of A/W09 and S/S10 however, we see many designers challenging this view by pairing strappy sandals with thick ankle length socks, in turn giving these summery shoes a distinctive touch of winter.

Christian Dior S/S10

Galliano added a pop of colour with bright pink socks, while Burberry opted to keep the colours within the same family.
L: John Galliano S/S10 R: Burberry Prorsum S/S10

I also love how Versace paired slouchy socks and stompy shoes with a feminine dress in their pre-fall 2010 collection

Versace Prefall 2010

Miu Miu however, literally knocked the socks off me (you know I can’t resist the puns) with their embellished socks. We are like magpies and love shiny objects as can be seen from our embellished lace tights DIY


I am so going to find a pair of plain socks and sew all manners of shiny nonsense on them.

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