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April 3, 2013
Dawn Poh

urban decay

I don’t think ‘shame’ suffices to describe how I feel upon discovering Leake St. a couple weeks back – it lies literally across the road from my apartment and I have been living here for nearly a whole year. It’s a disused road/tunnel that has since been transformed into an authorised graffiti area, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is a constantly changing landscape: there is always someone spraying and painting, and a piece never stays on the wall for longer than a week before it’s covered over by something new. I do think it’s worth a visit if you are in London, especially with it being a 1 minute walk away from Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

Plus this tunnel leads to an awesome Thai eatery so that gets it an A+ in my books.

urban decay 3

Wearing NARS semi-matte lipstick in Transeurope Express – it’s a very flattering deep rose in real life, and the pictures make it slightly more saturated than they really are!

urban decay 2

urban decay 4

  • Topshop leather jacket
  • H&M jumper
  • Gucci maxi skirt
  • Neon pink 14″ Cambridge satchel
  • McQ by Alexander McQueen boots
  • Necklace from Taobao
February 6, 2013
Dawn Poh

Breakfast in bed is definitely one of the more decadent ways to start the day…should extend it to include lunch and dinner in bed as well. Which I might have done more times than I probably ought to.


The skull buttons on this Zara shirt matches the McQueen bracelet almost exactly – no one would notice this detail in real life, but I derive the same satisfaction from it as when things fit into your drawers perfectly. All of you must know what I am talking about.

breakfast 2

breakfast 3

Can’t decide between chocolate torte and rhubarb tart? Have both.

breakfast 4

  • Zara military overshirt
  • American Apparel riding skirt
  • Accessories: McQ, MiuMiu, Alexander McQueen
October 19, 2010
Dawn Poh

I do apologize on my half-assed posts as of late… I just had my wisdom teeth extracted, and between rolling around in agony and basking in self-pity, it doesn’t really leave to take pictures and write a post. My face has ballooned up to three times its original size and I just really don’t want to face life the world any more. So here’s a couple pictures of the new(ish) things I’ve purchased!

My boyfriend got this really cute cat-eared ring for me from F21. I was pleasantly surprised because it’s seriously the cutest thing ever!

And a McQueen-inspired bag from Far East Plaza. I actually double-guessed getting this bag the first time I saw it, and ended up returning the very next day to buy it. Far East Plaza is laid out so horribly and with my bad sense of direction, I was surprised it wasn’t sold out before I finally found the store.

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