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February 23, 2015
Dawn Poh

My hair colour is finally washed out enough to see the blue clearly and I’m really loving it. I think I keep gravitating towards blue cause it’s really flattering for my skin tone.



The awesome 20-something degree weather in Singapore didn’t last long which warrants some off-shoulder goodness. Gotta love the Laurie top from eightslate.

Top /eightslate• Pants /Dorothy Perkins•Shoes /Ann Demeulemeester •Necklace /Cheap Monday • Hair/Hairloom

Glam Girl Workshop
On the subject of having nice hair, I am inviting 5 readers (and their plus ones) to a special workshop held by Hairloom and Glam Palm on 6th March. You’ll learn how to create different hairstyles with the help of the hair stylists from Hairloom and get make-up tricks by celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo. Every one will get an attractive door gift from Hairloom and WarehouseSG. Plus, a lucky reader and her plus one will each be walking away with a Glam Palm worth $250!

Date: 6th March (Friday)
Time: 7-8pm
Venue: Hairloom 100 Beach Road, Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702


To join, simply comment on this Instagram post and tell me why you wanna attend the workshop, tag your friend in the comment and follow @instahairloom and @glampalmsg! Contest closes 27th Feb, 10pm (Singapore time)!

March 13, 2014
Dawn Poh

Time really flies when you are having fun. It’s been a year since I started colouring my hair regularly at Hairloom and I have to say that my hair has never been this colourful nor good-looking! You can give a pair of twins the same clothes but what determines the style really comes down to a great hairstyle and a fabulous pair of shoes.

Let’s recap and celebrate my year of rainbow-coloured hair!

Monoxious Hairloom-12

My first hair colouring with Hairloom and I showed them a picture of the pink that I wanted and they delivered! There are many types of pink and this was really the exact shade that I asked for. I could not be happier!

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-3

I was inspired by a friend’s mint green phone cover and pink phone. They looked like a great combination and I showed my hairstylist some pictures and they delivered again. The colour combination looked  like Paddle Pop ice-cream (a childhood favourite!) and a waiter said the same thing about it and I was quite happy that someone got it! Hands down, my favourite hair colour ever!

Monoxious Outfit post Cropped-2

Went a little brighter cause I really liked Lady Gaga’s teal hair! At this point, Hairloom’s hairstylists impressed me so much that I was basically hands-off with the colours and just left my hair in their hands.

monoxious Colour me black 7 monoxious Colour me black 8

At this point, my roots were showing and I wanted to darken it to let my scalp take a break from all that bleaching. Peter (my stylist) decided to dye it black with a contrast of bright blue underneath and surprise, surprise; I went to watch Pacific Rim with my boyfriend and he shot me a look when Mako Mori appeared. In case anyone’s wondering, bitch stole my look.


Regular hair colour didn’t last long. I had about a month or so of black hair and decided it was getting boring and begged Peter to give me something colourful. Both Venetia and I ended up having purple hair and I must say, I really love warm-tone colours!


Once again, I left it to Peter to decide on the colour and emerged looking like a bird of paradise! I was unsure of the yellow when it went on but after washing off the dye, it merged into a gorgeous blend of blue, green, turquoise and yellow even though there was only blue and yellow dye on my hair. SORCERY, I SAY!

If you are looking to have your hair done, I am a living example of how your look can be transformed with the right colour and haircut! In case I haven’t mentioned it, some of the stylists are also trained in the Vidal Sassoon Academy and there’s a a special promotion from now until 31st March.

#Getsassooned by one of the Vidal Sassoon-trained stylists and the celebratory package is only $340 for long hair and includes a haircut and up to two hair colours. Find out more at :http://hairloom.sg/getsassooned/ now!

March 22, 2013
Dawn Poh

monoxious minty strawberry 2 small

I got my done at Hairloom again! The inspiration was from a friend’s pink phone which had a mint green cover which I thought was really cute looking. A few google searches later, I had the perfect picture to represent the kind of pink and mint green combination I wanted.

When I got to Hairloom, my stylist Peter asked what I would like to do with my hair and I showed him my inspiration picture. He looked at the lavender from my previous dye job with them and said that it still looks nice so he would like to keep it and then Fern (the most AWESOME dye technician I swear) took over and bleached my hair to touch up the roots and to get the residual pink out from the top and began to work her magic.

monoxious minty strawberry 3 small

Fern didn’t even get to see my inspiration picture and she got the freaking shade right. I don’t know how she does this and I was half afraid I might end up looking like some Kpop dude (no offense to those who like them) when I wanted to look like a pastel goth. If you look closely enough, you can spot the blue on the tips. I basically have really awesome looking rainbow hair right now.

monoxious minty strawberry small

I walked out of Hairloom grinning at how my hair is basically the most beautiful thing that people are going to set eyes on that day. To call the hardworking team at Hairloom stylists would be undermining their abilities and talent; they are artists and great at what they do. I have no qualms about recommending them to anyone who would like to colour their hair.

Speaking of which, their 1-for-1 colouring deal is still on until 20 April. Simply go with a friend and you only end up paying the price of the one that is of higher value. Please show them some love!

February 26, 2013
Dawn Poh

Those of you who have been following us on Twitter and Facebook, would know that we have a new hair sponsor – Hairloom!

After that crazy string of weird hair colours that I had earlier last year, I decided to let my hair fallow for the last half od 2012. Now, I’m ready to take on even crazier colours!

Monoxious Hairloom-1

Monoxious Hairloom-2

Monoxious Hairloom-3

Monoxious Hairloom-4

I have newfound respect for hairstylists that are so dedicated in their line of work. I may be complaining about having to sit in the salon for hours but it’s really Fern and Peter who have been working tirelessly on my hair.

Monoxious Hairloom-5

It was bleached once but the stubborn pigments from my previous hair colour refused to come off (Protip: Don’t dye your hair black to darken it, it makes the colour harder to strip next time. Opt for dark brown instead) so I had to bleach my hair twice.

Monoxious Hairloom-6

I have to say that I enjoyed being blonde for all of 20 minutes while I cam-whored on the photobooth app on my Macbook Air. The bleach did not kill my hair! Look at how smooth it is!

Monoxious Hairloom-7

I discussed with Fern about the colours that I would like and to be REALLY REALLY honest, I had little clue what I wanted prior to entering the salon. I leaned towards having pink hair cause I noticed that my complexion always seemed a little brighter with it.

Being the expert, Fern took my suggestions into account but advised me against some of them due to the condition of my hair and went off to mix the colours of the dye.

Monoxious Hairloom-8

The neon pink  scared me a little when it was applied, I may have resisted running out and shrieking but these people are professionals and celebrities like Rui en (she has her own little corner in Hairloom) have left their hair in the hands of the hairstylists at Hairloom.

Monoxious Hairloom-9

The colour came out GREAT. I couldn’t be happier about the pink. I don’t know if anyone else is as anal about pink as I am but since my skin is of a warm tone, I don’t take to cool pinks very well. This pink it so pretty much what I had envisioned in my head.

As far as hair trends go, the ombre dip-dye thing has been overdone and according to Peter, the trend for 2013 is what he refers to as the 3D layering of hair colours. My hair is pink with a dusty ash purple peeking through.

Monoxious Hairloom-10

Here’s the final outcome!

Monoxious Hairloom-11 Monoxious Hairloom-12

Monoxious Hairloom-13

A giant THANK YOU to Fern and Peter from Hairloom! This is also the part where I give you some good news! There’s a totally awesome deal 1-for-1 hair colouring at Hairloom exclusively for their Facebook fans so you and a friend can both have awesome hair. Check out their post for more details!

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