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May 14, 2015
Dawn Poh

Teen witches, rejoice! With the announcement of Sony remaking the ’90s cult horror film The Craft, we can all expect dark eyeliner, black nails, fishnets, skulls, leather and spikes will be making a comeback on mainstream fashion. We take a look at the ladies who are already making spreading the word on pagan chic on Instagram.

Looks like throwing away my Demonia boots was a bad idea.

What do you think of this ’90s goth trend? Sound off below. 

July 16, 2013
Dawn Poh

monoxious visible invisible 1

Looking back at these pictures makes me wanna go back to the Maldives again. The clear blue water and cerulean skies make for the best pictures!monoxious visible invisible 2

I have been looking for this Feist Heist Yulia top for the longest time but posting a “WTB” on their Formspring paid off and someone was willing to give hers up. I’m so glad the transaction went through so quick that I was able to get it in time to bring it to the Maldives. monoxious visible invisible 3

Meh. It was too bright to keep my eyes open. monoxious visible invisible 4

I also managed to get a pair of really comfortable platform sandals to bring along for the trip. Again, I’m wearing the Zara origami skorts. You will definitely be seeing these more often cause I’ll be wearing them to death. monoxious visible invisible 5 monoxious visible invisible 6

Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Feist Heist Yulia Top
  • Zara Skorts
  • Sandals from Taobao

At risk of sounding like a broken record, I will be selling some clothes from my wardrobe along with some of the other fashion bloggers at the Underground Market Flea. Check out our Facebook Page for more information. Don’t forget to RSVP at our events page!

August 29, 2012
Dawn Poh

It’s always lovely when the weather decides to cooperate for once! I bought this Zara dress when I was still in London, but didn’t have a chance to wear it till recently. I should have worn it sooner because I can hardly squeeze into it now that I’ve gained so much weight from Singaporean food.

I love the lace details on the back! Unfortunately it makes choosing the right underwear a nightmare.

Outfit breakdown

  • Dress: Zara TRF
  • Necklace: m)phosis
  • Beret: Murua, Japan.
  • Bag: taobao
  • Shoes: taobao

Venetia came over and bummed around with us that day. It was an awesome coincidence that she brought her Givenchy-inspired hat along! It’s ridiculous how polished she looks next to me.

August 20, 2012
Dawn Poh

Attended the NARS launch at ArtScience Museum a few days back. It’s really great to see that Singapore is starting to have more and more museums! If only we have one for fashion or Natural History.

The day was brutally hot – notice how there isn’t even a single cloud in the sky. I kind of give a condescending snort whenever someone talks about how hot it is back in London. The weather here has made me thankful of my skin which tans easily but never burns.

This pair of Elizabeth & James wedges (c/o Shopbop) is seriously my most comfortable pair of heels. I can literally last the whole day in them without the slightest bit of discomfort.

I really like the detail on the side of this dress. Sometimes all you need is one thing to spice up the entire outfit.

P.S. You may have already noticed this in our previous posts, but for those who don’t: you can now mouse over some of our pictures for something extra.
Outfit Breakdown:

  • Jacket: Zara (conveniently borrowed off Arissa because I left mine at home)
  • Dress: m)phosis
  • Bag: Mulberry
  • Shoes: Elizabeth & James

Lastly, we wish all of you selemat hari raya aildilfitri! May you spend it joyfully with your loved ones.

August 13, 2012
Dawn Poh

I really wish I lived in one of these charming colonial-era buildings. But as it is, I satisfy myself with shamelessly camwhoring in front of strangers’ properties.

I bought this American Apparel double-U dress almost a year ago during a massive warehouse sale in London. It really makes for a sexy yet elegant silhouette. I’m really glad they have started shipping to Singapore! Despite my endless complaints about the steep prices, I really find that my most-worn basics are from American Apparel. Their interlock pencil skirt is a perennial favourite.

I left so many of my shoes back home when I moved to London, that I have completely forgotten about the existence of this pair of wedges until a recent closet cleanout. Discovering clothes you have forgotten about is nearly as satisfying as buying new ones.

  • Double-U dress: American Apparel
  • Skirt: All Saints
  • Socks: Tutuanna, Japan
  • Shoes: Siren
  • Headband: Onespo / taobao.

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