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March 13, 2010
Dawn Poh

I am finally back from Germany! Though I miss the beautiful places and the weather, I do not miss freezing my butt off. I should really visit during summer next time.

I am usually not a fan of cropped jackets, but this was on sale for £6 and I am a cheap bastard.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Beanie: Forever 21
  • Jacket: Zara
  • One-piece: H&M
  • Tights: Topshop
December 22, 2009
Dawn Poh

OHAI there~!! It’s been long since I last blogged. It’s always a mad rush before Christmas, shopping for gifts and basking in the mood. This post comes about a week too late since I was in Melbourne 2 weekends ago. It feels like we haven’t met in so long but it was in actual fact just about 2.5mths since the Nuffnang awards.

melbourne_blogger outing_02
Here’s Candice from SuperKawaiiMama and Phoebe from LadyMelbourne , we shared the same table during the Nuffnang awards and we had so much fun at our own “after-party” in Clarke Quay after that.

melbourne_blogger outing_01
In the middle is our very awesome Geek blogger, Arnold aka Mr Gadget all decked out in black to suit the occasion.

melbourne_blogger outing_03

I had a quick tour of the Melbourne GPO before the rest came along. Checked out the new Acne store and discovered that they still had the Acne Atacomas (in my size too), fell absolutely in love with a local designer label, Alpha60 which of course had mostly black clothings but unfortunately they didn’t allow pictures in the stores so do check out their website. F.A.T had a decent selection of stuff and they carried Complex Geometries albeit overpriced compared to what I can get from their website directly.

Phoebe had to rush off after lunch but she managed to sneak in some time to take me to one of the coolest stores in Melbourne called Somewhere Store.

melbourne_blogger outing_04
We had to climb some stairs up so this was really an encouragement.

The store is beautifully spacious with high ceilings and plenty of light. I think it’s the optimal conditions for displaying merchandise.
melbourne_blogger outing_05

They were kind enough to allow photos and which I believe is lacking in many stores lately. They’re missing out on so many publicity opportunities and we all know the Internet is such an awesome publicity tool. But well, moving on… there’s more photos.

melbourne_blogger outing_06
They carry items from Cheap Monday and I spotted some Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes that I have been coveting for awhile.

melbourne_blogger outing_07
melbourne_blogger outing_08
Phoebe was talking to the store manager and commenting on the fact that I only wear black and he just exclaimed: ” omg she’s so Melbourne!” That kinda made me blush, but yes I am really flattered by that.

I am so touched by the AU bloggers for taking time off to meet up with me. Hope to see you all again soon~!!!

November 6, 2009
Dawn Poh

Monoxious is featured along with 20 other blogs for the DIY tutorial for the embellished tights in this week’s Links à la Mode. Do support the other blog links as well. 😀
links a la mode

Go Fashion Bloggers, Go!

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As more and more print magazines fold, bloggers seem to be growing in professionalism and media legitimacy. When bloggers such as Previously Owned and kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS can get the scoop on international designers, you know the fashion playing field is being leveled. If bloggers can host great giveaways like Retro Chick’s, I wonder why the FTC needs to play big brother. Fashion Pulse Daily wants to know if you even care. It seems we are becoming the pretty, little websites that could. Yay bloggers!

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