I have not found much occasion to wear this blouse, which I bought in London a year ago. It is partly due to the button fastenings at the front.. You’d think someone would put a hidden zipper on this blouse for easy wearing, but hale naw. They gotta torture me with a million tiny buttons. I am also a very clumsy and impatient person, and will inevitably end up attaching the button to the wrong button hole…cue me throwing this blouse away in anger rather than to unbutton the entire thing.

I am sorry for looking so hot…literally. The makeup was practically melting off my face that day.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Top: Topshop consignment
  • Skirt: m)phosis
  • Tights: China
  • Shoes: China
  • Cuffs: Fürrmuse, Bali

A few miscellaneous picture of our lunch… Rider’s Cafe sure doesn’t skim on their portions! It is really good for people who can inhale the entire universe in one sitting for lunch (i.e. me)

Mushroom soup with white truffle oil. Amazing chunky thick mushroomy goodness, yum.

Schitzel with scallion mash. Everything tastes good mixed in mash – it’s truly a mystery. I am inclined to believe that mash can even make baby puke taste good.

Angus fillet with herb butter. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the most delicious food must also be the most fattening. I think the salad is just there to act as a placebo in order to not make you feel guilty for consuming an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting.

Best way to end a meal is with even more carbohydrates. Why is the combination of scones and clotted cream so, so very good? The scones may not be aesthetically pleasing, but mein Gott were they delicious.