I think it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with hair, judging from how much time I spend on it. A good hairstyle and a well made-up face dresses up a plain outfit more than any single accessory can ever hope to do. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine to see someone with an immaculate outfit with lank and greasy hair – why bother putting in so much effort to dress nicely, only to neglect your personal appearance? To me that’s akin to wearing a chanel suit set with slippers.

That said, here are some of the hairstyles I am eager to try out this summer.

Loose waves ala Chloe Fall 2010. Perfect with a loose summery dress, and it wouldn’t look the least bit out of place in the Fall as well.

Marcel waves inspired by Dior. I have always wanted to try 1920’s inspired finger waves, but they are so hard to style! I think nothing channels elegance and timelessness like this hairstyle does. I wish I could turn back time and go to prom with perfect marcel waves.

I am sure I am not the only person that has to deal with frizzy hair during summer time. Take a cue from Proenza Schouler and make it work to your advantage!

A tousled updo like Chanel’s is elegant and casual at the same time. I prefer to do my hair up in summer – it helps me cool down so much, and you don’t have worry about hair plastering to your neck in this humid weather. Gross.

Updos are perfect for drawing attention to hair accessories too!

Alexander Wang’s braids could never get old. I truly intend on trying this out soon – it’s been long enough!

I would rather kill myself and my cat before watching The Hills, but I can’t ignore Lauren Conrad and her immaculate hair. Sure, it most likely takes a team of stylists and the best extensions money can buy to have hair like hers, but I can dream, right?

Not even gonna lie- I would do anything to have hair like hers. It’s pretty much perfect.

Who are your hairspirations? Do you think it’s okay to blog about hair and makeup, or should we just stick to clothes?