October 25, 2010
Arissa Ha

This edition of Style Inspiration draws attention to our first fictional comic character, Envy Adams from the Scott Pilgrim comic series aka perfect female specimen. Her impeccable sense of style makes it very easy for fashion lovers to relate to and her  900 dollar boots are justified cause it makes her look so goooooood.

This are indeed Balmain boots and the coveted Emilio de la Morena dress as seen above,  she has also been spotted wearing Camilia Skövgaard boots in the comic as well. Our translation of her style in real life would be as follow:

Body hugging dress and badass shoes FTW!

  • Dress: Herve Leger
  • Shoes: dSquared
  • Clutch bag: Alexander McQueen
  • Cuff bracelet: Burberry
  • Knuckle Ring: Alexander McQueen

I’m sure many of our readers in the US might have already seen the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs the World when it was released a few weeks ago. The movie was due to be released on 28th Oct in Singapore, unfortunately the cinemas in Singapore decided to pull out, leaving local fans (including myself) devastated at the news.

We are petitioning for them to bring it here and hope that you will support our cause! Singaporeans need to watch this awesome movie.

So please please help us out by signing the petition here even if you’re not from Singapore:

Bring Scott Pilgrim to Singapore

Thank you very much.

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One Response to “Style Inspiration: Envy Adams [Scott Pilgrim]”

  1. Christina says:

    Envy does have an awesome wardrobe, especially so in the last book.
    Uh, I did not know the cinemas were pulling out! I mean, I saw a huge poster at iluma… D:


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