The Style Inspiration that we’re focusing on this time is Emmanuelle Alt, Fashion Director of Paris’s Vogue Magazine, it is no doubt that she is amongst one of the most stylish people on the planet. I mean if Vogue hires you, it’s some kind of affirmation there isn’t it?

Also, the fact that her wardrobe is mainly black has already bought us over.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Emmanuelle Alt favors silhouettes with strong shoulders and a slim, fitted pants. I honestly wish I could carry off such a statement jacket without feeling self-conscious. *gloom*

A subtle version of a statement jacket (okay what am I even saying here?) Still working it. Thigh high boots are so last Fall but I would wear it over and over again.

One of my dream jackets from Balmain. Notice the strong shoulders thing again?

And how many leather jackets does she own?? Would love to roll around in her wardrobe. *grabby hands*

Here’s my interpretation of her style:

  • Leather jacket from Rick Owens (Leather jacket=staple. I can’t find that version with the strong shoulders!!)
  • Alexander McQueen Bag
  • Acne Wedges (Because fierce shoes are hardly ever flat.)
  • Icon watch from MoMa design store (I own this watch, and I say it’s awesome)
  • Tank from Helmut Lang
  • Natalia Brilli Tyler Black Lamb Tyler bracelet
  • Missoni Skinny jeans
  • Shredded Tee from I don’t like Mondays

Who’s your Style Inspiration? How does he/she influence the clothes you wear?