Dawn and I seem to hardly to store or brand reviews except of those which we feel passionate about.

Enter Doorstep Luxury who sent us an email which made us innocently click on the link to be directed to a beautifully designed website with a running squirrel.

The squirrel. It can be quite mesmerizing, I’m sure one can imagine petting a squirrel while browsing through the site while going “yesssss, I would like this, this and this.”

Okay, maybe not.

Victoria from Doorstep Luxury has kindly invited us to their showroom to tell us more about the designer luxury labels which they carry in their stores. We couldn’t lie when we told her that it was the items from Fleet Ilya that we really want to get our grubby hands on.

Structural leather waist clincher, UNF!!

Droplet clutch, also from Fleet Ilya.

Another piece from Fleet Ilya, we’re are quite obsessed with this label.

And then there are pieces from Ranjana Khan that are absolutely exquisite and delicate.

And not forgetting pieces from Vera Wang and Tuleste Market.

And before you think everything was starting to look a little too serious, we present a Lady Gaga brooch from Yazbukey.

They also have a wide selection of bags which is a bliss to look at considering the amount of Chanel 2.55s, Givenchy Nightingales and what-have-you-signature-bags from mainstream luxury labels we see on many fashion blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I do love them too but it is refreshing to see something that is equally well made with awesome attention to details.

(Fleet Ilya orgy on the couch!!!)

What I really liked about the showroom is that it made me feel like I was back in New York, browsing through the wonderful items in Opening Ceremony or Oak. I think one can relate to that when they have been there, the quirky, cult labels provides Singaporeans a fresh take on luxury goods which I feel will ultimately drive a fresh new perspective on fashion in Singapore.

Here’s hoping it really happens!