It’s never too late for a regression session, and I just had a great one thanks to Hongkong Disneyland and Nuffnang!

I know this is not a food blog, but honestly who can resist roasted pork? Not me, that’s for sure. Right after we arrived at Disneyland, we had a wonderful lunch at the Crystal Lotus restaurant located at the Disneyland Hotel.
But what sets it apart from the abundance of good chinese restaurants in Hong Kong? Disney themed food of course! These are the Chicken Little buns I squealed about on Twitter.

Disneyland Hotel. It’s really as if you’ve just left reality behind.

Disney is all about the complete experience. Even the train going to the station is customized.

And what is Disneyland without the castle? I can’t decide which is more beautiful, the castle or the mountains in the background.

Space Mountain!! As a thrill ride enthusiast, I saw a whole bunch of kids in the line and thought it would be a watered down version of the famous ride in every disneyland. Booooyyyy was I wrong. I feel sorry for the kids. It was certainly one of the highlights of this trip!

What sets Hong Kong Disneyland apart is the fusion of Chinese and western culture incorporated into the attractions. Where else would you see the fleeting art of water drawing?

A drawing that survives for just minutes, yet so telling about how much pride the artist puts in his work.

I caught sight of something I found absolutely adorable. I usually have a hatred for couple shirts reserved for the likes of leggings-as-pants and pixie skirts, but I think real world fashion rules doesn’t apply to Disney.

Yes, I am a voyeur.

We were lucky to catch the fireworks that night. Truly an experience in itself.

Dinner that night was at the Plaza Inn restaurant, located right at the heart of Disneyland. Mickey theme desserts!

Not pictured here is the Citygate outlet malls literally just a station away from Disney. Sure, some may complain that it’s touristy, but I am not going to complain about cheap designer! They have everything from Max Mara to Mango. And Diane von Furstenberg!! Here’s what I got.

Whether you are considering to go to Hong Kong for the shopping, food or for Disney, I really think you won’t be disappointed.