I do apologize on my half-assed posts as of late… I just had my wisdom teeth extracted, and between rolling around in agony and basking in self-pity, it doesn’t really leave to take pictures and write a post. My face has ballooned up to three times its original size and I just really don’t want to face life the world any more. So here’s a couple pictures of the new(ish) things I’ve purchased!

My boyfriend got this really cute cat-eared ring for me from F21. I was pleasantly surprised because it’s seriously the cutest thing ever!

And a McQueen-inspired bag from Far East Plaza. I actually double-guessed getting this bag the first time I saw it, and ended up returning the very next day to buy it. Far East Plaza is laid out so horribly and with my bad sense of direction, I was surprised it wasn’t sold out before I finally found the store.