Hello friends,

As promised, I have returned with pictures of 2 of our favorite shops we stumbled upon the other day while shopping in Haji Lane.

To the untrained eye, Haji Lane is this nondescript little street hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it is filled with much hidden treasures and interesting finds. Do not expect clothes for pretty princesses, we’re talking about clothes akin to a cat’s love for rolling on the pavement and taking in all the grime of the world (yes, I do reference that to Dawn’s cat in case you’re wondering).

First up is Wonderwool~!! Who could resist such a cute name?

Wonderwool offers both new and pre-loved clothes and offers the option for you to bring your lightly worn or new pieces to the store to exchange for store credits. A perfect way to recycle clothes (while getting new ones!!) without actually spending money.

Wonderwool is littered with pictures that makes the shop look like it just rolled out of Tumblr. I love how these little framed goodies just sets the mood for a beautiful store.

There’s no lack of black outfits here either. I bagged myself the harness that Dawn bought in Hong Kong which she wore in this post. I saw it lying there, promptly grabbed it and declared it mine. It was a lucky find!

Wonderwool is located at:

16a Haji Lane
Singapore 189209

Next up we have Threadbare & Squirrel~!!

I was speaking to the salesperson working at Threadbare & Squirrel and found out that they’ve just opened 2 weeks ago.

Predictable as I am, some of your might already know that I am a huge fan of clothes that can be worn multiple ways ( I might have also mentioned this 536247 times). To my surprise, Threadbare & Squirrel actually carries pieces that does just that. If I may add, the prices are also pretty reasonable and much lesser than what I would usually pay for.

Threadbare & Squirrel is located at:

43 Haji Lane, 2nd storey
Singapore 189236

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