August 1, 2012
Dawn Poh

We are excited (moreso than you, probably) to announce our first-ever SINGAPORE FASHION BLOGGERS’ FLEA! A few of us fashion bloggers have decided to collectively put in our efforts towards this initiative, so please come down to support us or just to say hi! If you like the clothes featured on any of the above blogs, this is your chance to drop by to buy used (and unused!) clothes at a grand discount. 😀 We are only a 3 minutes walk away from Lorong Chuan MRT Station. Instructions are as below ↓

Please RSVP at our Facebook event or drop us a word here or over at Twitter (@monoxious) if you are interested in coming or have any questions!! We will also be showing sneak peeks of what we have for sale over the next few days, so keep an eye out on our Instagram.

Hope to see you around! x

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5 Responses to “Singapore Fashion Bloggers’ Flea!”

  1. Khai n Su Anne says:

    Hi! We will be coming down to check out what’s in store! Can’t wait!


  2. Aworkzone says:

    It is excellent to hear that all the fashion bloggers of Singapore are trying to gather at one forum…..well wishes for all of them from my side.


  3. […] as they are taken using my iPhone but I hope it gives you a peek into what happened during the Singapore fashion bloggers’ flea that happened a few weeks […]

  4. […] clothes and accessories immediately after they bought it. I’m showcasing my spoils from the Fashion Blogger flea the day after. I’m quite late to blog this, I know but I’m really buzzing with […]

  5. The Bag Co says:

    Great initiative from the fashion bloggers!


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