Silence & Noise Drape Cowl Neck DressSilence & Noise Tubular Chain Tank Silence & Noise Boyfriend Open Blazer

confess. Usually when I walk into Urban Outfitters, I zoom straight to the toy camera section, lust over them, pick up an item or 2 and head straight for the cashier. Sometimes, the headphones section distracts me for a little bit but that rounds up how I shop at Urban Outfitters.

While I was in SoHo, New York last week, I ventured into an Urban Outfitters store (the sale sign was much too tempting to resist) and decided I have enough toy cameras (7 to be exact) and went on to look at clothes instead.

Everything that I pulled off from the racks that I decided I liked was from Silence & noise. Pure coincidence?

I think not.

So i decided to walk around until I found the sale rack on the second floor and scored myself 2 items (not inclusive of a top I liked from the first floor which wasn’t on sale) which I gleefully tried on in the fitting room.


The Cowlneck tunic is awesome. There can be no other words to describe it. The light, see-through material is perfect for summer and anything with hoods (or something which doesn’t look like it has a hood but it does!!!) is awesome. That’s the word, AWESOME. Black would be even awesome-r except they didn’t carry it in that store. I swear I would buy it in a blink of an eye if I were to come across it in any other stores.


I’m into the whole shorts and skirt things these days. This ultra short tunic is sexy without being too trashy. It cost me only US$19.99 at the store despite it being listed as US$24.99 on the website. I would envision myself wearing a bunch of chains on the neck along with my engineer boots and lace stockings.

This is how it looks like worn [ here ]


This vest hoodie stumped me. On one hand, I am holding in my hands another top which has somewhat of a hood and on the other hand, it was US$9.99. I still wasn’t convinced on how good it’ll look even when I tired it on. Then the genius in me decided to put my head through the excessively large armhole (either that, or I have a small head). Lo’ and behold, it’s a new top, who cares if the hood is hanging around like a partially severed chicken’s head right now?

Guess what? It’s cheaper to buy clothes than cameras. More reasons to shop at Urban Outfitters now.