Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of posts, Dawn’s been busy with school while I’ve been uhh… busy shopping.

I’ve recently came back from London and everywhere is having sale. I kid you not.

I’ve been coveting this awesome Aemilla Dress from All Saints for a long time and when I saw it while I was shopping in Selfridges in Oxford, the only word running through my head was “BUY!”.

allsaintsThe best part about it is that they have it in UK size 6 which is awesome for Asians. The bust is not loose and I finally look like I can fill something up.

Everybody now: “BOOBIES”.

That aside, the intricate lacing and the asymmetrical hemline really got me sold. All for a price of 109quids. It was originally 155pounds and 46pound discount is fair in my books.

Their signature parachute dress wasn’t on sale or I would’ve grabbed that as well.

Topshop_premiumzigzagknotbacktunicTopshop_premiumzigzagknotbacktunic_backThen there is this awesome looking tunic which I came across when I was in Topshop located in Oxford street.

I remembered seeing this on someone’s blog though I can’t remember who and I was coveting it so much. When I finally saw it, I was so glad there was one in my size. It was £38 and I am pretty sure they don’t carry it in Singapore. Then again, I don’t shop much in Singapore. Maybe someone can confirm this for me?

Also, I am excited about these 3 packages that I am expecting to arrive within the next few days. In fact, I am filled will so much exhilaration, I dreamt about receiving them yesterday.