July 13, 2009
Arissa Ha

Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of posts, Dawn’s been busy with school while I’ve been uhh… busy shopping.

I’ve recently came back from London and everywhere is having sale. I kid you not.

I’ve been coveting this awesome Aemilla Dress from All Saints for a long time and when I saw it while I was shopping in Selfridges in Oxford, the only word running through my head was “BUY!”.

allsaintsThe best part about it is that they have it in UK size 6 which is awesome for Asians. The bust is not loose and I finally look like I can fill something up.

Everybody now: “BOOBIES”.

That aside, the intricate lacing and the asymmetrical hemline really got me sold. All for a price of 109quids. It was originally 155pounds and 46pound discount is fair in my books.

Their signature parachute dress wasn’t on sale or I would’ve grabbed that as well.

Topshop_premiumzigzagknotbacktunicTopshop_premiumzigzagknotbacktunic_backThen there is this awesome looking tunic which I came across when I was in Topshop located in Oxford street.

I remembered seeing this on someone’s blog though I can’t remember who and I was coveting it so much. When I finally saw it, I was so glad there was one in my size. It was £38 and I am pretty sure they don’t carry it in Singapore. Then again, I don’t shop much in Singapore. Maybe someone can confirm this for me?

Also, I am excited about these 3 packages that I am expecting to arrive within the next few days. In fact, I am filled will so much exhilaration, I dreamt about receiving them yesterday.

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  1. reireitan says:

    Ahhh i just saw the tunic at topshop at bugis todayyy.. its cool shittttttt lol


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