June 2, 2009
Arissa Ha

Since we’re on the topic of footwear….

I have to admit, some of these are pretty old?

Like this Balenciaga boots which I have been lusting since I saw them on Jak&Jill. It’s annoying how some things get stuck in your head, like that catchy TV commercial jingle. These boots got me and they still do for a good 6mths and counting.



and then there’s this other pair of wedge shoes from Akiko Ogawa.


It’s remarkably similar save for the plated wedges although it looks a tad more painful to wear than the Balenciaga boots. I am absolutely loving the buckles that goes around the back of the calves. Pairing it up with those leggings with side zippers are absolutely genius.

I’ll never get over these shoes~~ *sob*

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One Response to “Shoe Lust”

  1. Sugar Ribbon says:

    Ever since I saw this post, I have, too, been gripped with shoe lust for both pairs of shoes.
    And that was when this blog first opened.
    I would gladly bear the high-heel pains if I owned these shoes.
    I love this blog!


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