February 14, 2013
Dawn Poh

Not too much of an outfit post this time, but there’s only so much you can do with limited space in your room and a 35mm… Excuses aside, I have a few outfit posts lined up and will blog about it once I’m back from the ski resort!! Would anyone like to read about Chamonix and skiing? No? Okay.

Anyway you can tell from the pictures here that my previously purple hair has faded to some greenish-blue concoction. I’m not too sure how to feel about it yet. I forgot how much maintenance dyed hair requires and I don’t have enough ££££ to touch it up every month.

IMG_2087 2




This mini-shoot is just an excuse to shoot this Zara jacket I’ve had for months now. I’ve seen it worn e v e r y w h e r e in Singapore but it’s not fair cause it’s way too cold here to wear it until Spring!!!

  • Studded Blazer Zara
  • Bordeaux corset top: ASOS
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4 Responses to “Seven Nation Army”

  1. ichigobunnie says:

    you look gorgeous as usual Dawn! the corset top and jacket look great


  2. Liz says:

    Your jacket is fantastic!! As is the color of your lipstick. Ugh I hate when the weather prevents you from wearing everything you want. It’s always so cold here that anything you wear gets covered by a gigantic coat anyways.


  3. Arianne says:

    Your make-up looks stunning! I am staying in Singapore and I do own the same jacket, haha :)

    ♡, Arianne


  4. Alice says:

    I kind of like the faded colour it blends quite well :)


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