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Hello everyone,

I would like to draw your attention to a contest held by Orchard Central (OC) for girls aged between 18-28 years old.

They are holding a competition to look for the “OC” girl, the face to represent Orchard Central.

They’re holding a makeover session (who doesn’t love makeovers?!) every Sunday from 1-6pm from now till October at Basement 1. Each month, a finalist will be picked and featured in CLEO Magazine and the overall winner of the contest will stand a chance to win $5,000 worth of prizes, a CLEO feature and become the face of Orchard Central.

All OC Girl participants will also be invited for an OC Girl Party that will be held on the first Friday of the following month to announce the winning OC Girl for the month.

Dawn and I were invited to experience the makeover for ourselves and like I mentioned, who doesn’t love makeovers?

The makeup used was by Missha (located at #B1-36), a popular Korean makeup brand. The makeup artist mentioned the use of a makeup primer which contained collagen and everyone’s faces just seemed to light up after hearing it.

What I usually don’t enjoy about makeovers is the fact that I get my face caked up with tonnes of products and it literally feels like I’m wearing a mask, however, the makeover for the OC Girl was comfortable and I felt like my skin could breathe while at the same time, it was being beautified and enhanced by the makeup that was used.’

My makeup artist was friendly and professional, I gave some input on how I usually look better with darker eyeshadows than lighter ones for some reason and she did an awesome smokey eye makeup for me.

Our hair was done by Lacoco Hair (located at #04-13) and both of us had big gorgeous curly hair at the end of the makeover. . Dawn carries off curly hair wonderfully and her lighter hair makes her look very outstanding. The hair products used were of high quality salon series and managed to hold the curls and hairstyle pretty well.

The makeover services were fantastic. I loved the fact that I could just head out without any makeup because I was feeling so lazy that day, head down to Orchard Central to have my hair and makeup done by professionals and then have the rest of the day looking glamorous and made up. Remember how we’ve always said that a complete outfit includes styling on the hair and makeup on the face as well?

So do head down to Orchard Central this Sunday and have your hair and makeup done.

Good luck with the contest! 🙂