A collection of pictures of what I’ve been up to lately…. which is in all honesty, pretty much nothing and everything. I felt like I haven’t even left my home in weeks, although that’s not really true. My days are filled with studying, books, cleaning, more studying, and even more cleaning. It doesn’t exactly leave time for fashion, unfortunately.

September has been a ridiculously hot month with huge, sudden downpours out of nowhere. Someone needs to prescribe the weather some Adderall.

And for some reason, ChouChou seems to like to sleep on my homework. I swear cats have an uncanny ability of knowing just what to do to annoy you.

What I’ve been reading when I slack off from what I’m supposed to do. It’s my second time reading House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and I absolutely love how it’s written. The typography is irregular and even reversed on some pages, so you have to turn the book around, sideways, upside down, diagonally and god knows what else to read it at some parts. It’s definitely a book you should never read in public unless you wish to appear crazy (then by all means, go ahead).

I can’t wait for some of my online shopping loots to arrive, then I will actually have something to post about. The wait is the most excruciating part of online shopping – I keep worrying if the package have been lost in transit!

And this is a day late, but congratulations to Marilyn and Eelysia, winners of the Tipsy Toes Giveaway round two! I’ve sent out an email to the both of you. On that note, please leave me a working email when you comment, everyone! I had to eliminate more than a few entries because some of you left me with no means of contact at all!