Holy crap. Why do we always rush the seasons? Fall isn’t even here yet and we’re up with another Spring/summer collection?

So okay, it’s fashion week in NYC. I was there briefly and had to come home urgently for some personal matters. It was a turmoil of emotions, I felt like it was the longest plane ride ever ( it was srsly ).

So here I am reviewing what I liked best so far from Fashion Week NYC (I’m sorry Alexander Wang, I love you still ).

Clean lines and umm… not so clean lines. Many of the dresses reminisce the Goddess dress from Alexander Wang, with draped details and body contouring. The tights are so much love but would look super unflattering for my legs. *heartbreak*

wayne ss 10 01

wayne ss 10 02

wayne ss 10 03

wayne ss 10 04

wayne ss 10 05

wayne ss 10 06