It’s official, I love Haider Ackermann. Last season, I talked about Phi who manages to impress me enough for me to feature the entire collection in a blog post. This season it is Haider Ackermann who left me tingling with goosebumps as I viewed the runway pictures.

The sculptural beauty of the entire collection left my jaw hanging. How beautiful yet how absolutely raw it all looks together. I’d imagine each individual piece being able to be worn differently.

Leather is definitely one of the key fabrics used this season. Laser-cut leather? It’s definitely a level higher.

The collars are draped to perfection, we’ve been seeing all kinds of draped collar this season (Helmut Lang, Gareth Pugh, Ohne Titel etc) but Haider Ackermann takes it up one notch by featuring billowing waves of leather wrapped around the neck which changes however the wearer wants it to look. Pure genius.

And I haven’t even begun raving about the zippered corset belts. Some of them were deliberately left undone with such careless grace that makes them even more covetable and eye-catching.

And this last dress is truly golden. I’m full of praise for this collection. Definitely my favorite out of all the runway collections so far.