Maybe it’s just my overinflated ego, but is it me or do the designers love monoxious? Everything from this year’s fashion week are just so omg-rave-worthy on monoxious.

Gareth Pugh. Where do we even begin? how bout the part where I hyperventilate at the geometric tailoring and ripped fabrics.  Leather jackets? Pass me some tissue to wipe off my drool please.



I love how Gareth Pugh incorporates geometry into his pieces whether literally or subtly. Fashion is like architecture to this man. His futuristic vision may have some choking but personally, I love it. The models look like they are some spies from the future, they look impenetrable and fierce.




Given our obsession with feathers since the Ann Demeulemeester feather headband post, maybe we would attempt to make this crazy headpiece as well. That “maybe” should have its font size increased but umm… we’ll not clutter your screen.

And that last dress is just screaming to me.